How to choose a good wheel? Bicycle wheel size chart?

How to choose a good wheel Bicycle wheel size chart

Best bicycle wheel size chart technology and Innovation at world Cycling talk about how you can choose a good bicycle wheel? We will show this method and effectively.

“Mandatory parameters for a “good” wheel are always stiffness on curl and ductility or, in other words, the best wheels are those that are fixed in the horizontal axis and flexible in the vertical axis, say Lew. – Translated from the technical language, this means that the wheel has a minimum backlash from side to side and, at the same time, medium or high sensitivity in the upper and lower directions.”

Best bike wheels

The expert claims that the torsion stiffness and the compliance of the wheel are 40% dependent on the hub:

“A well-designed sleeve will not wear out from static and dynamic loads with strong pressure on the wheel. The gap in the wide flange reduces the backlash from side to side and, at the same time, increases the sensitivity in the vertical plane, contributing to a comfortable ride.”

Stability study

According to Lew, the stability of the wheel also depends on 40% of the spokes and their number, but the type of needles on the wheel and the force of their tension do not have a significant effect on this indicator.

“Increasing the number of spokes on the front wheel from 16 to 20 will raise the resistance to the horizontal play of the wheel by about 30%. Increasing the diameter of the spokes and changing the profile from 2.0 / 1.8 / 1.5 mm triple butting to a straight 2.0 mm profile will increase the wheel stiffness by about 35%. The whole combination, that is, an increase in the number of spokes from 16 to 20, their diameter up to 2 mm and a change to a straight profile, will add up to 65% stability.”

Wheel binding

The opinion that the position of the spokes on the wheel with binding will increase the vertical compliance and at the same time reduce the horizontal play is wrong. In this way, both are increased. 

“Tests show that the radial arrangement of the spokes makes the wheel less malleable in the vertical axis, rather than their arrangement with binding, but only to a small extent. I think most people will be very surprised when they find out how little the influence of the location of the spokes on the vertical flexibility and comfort of movement. These two indicators are best governed by the pressure level in the tires, rather than the lacing of the spokes.”

Components of wheel

The rim is the last component of the wheel, which determines 20% of its stability. What matters here is the material from which it is made, and the aspect ratio in the cross section, but the aspect ratio is more important. The low ratio of the rim – when the indicator of the width of the cross section is higher than the indicator of height – usually means minimal backlash from side to side, as well as high compliance in the vertical plane. But the picture is completely different from the point of view of aerodynamics if the aspect ratio of the rim is high (when the height indicator is higher than the width).

“Carbon has such unique properties as low weight, resistance to twisting, high strength and unlimited service life, which cannot be achieved with the help of various metal alloys. This makes it an ideal material for rims and high performance wheels,”

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