Water Bottles and Holders

Best Bike us- Water Bottles and Holders

Bicycle Water Bottles and Holders at Globetrotter

Just as a hydration system is part of every modern backpack, every bike you travel with should have one or more bottle cages. In such Water Bottles and Holders, you can put specially designed bottles and so always take a sip of you.


-Special bottles for the bicycle

Our bottles are characterized by their material, their ease of use especially when cycling and their shape and you get the best bike us from this-

On the one hand, materials such as plastic, aluminum or stainless steel are lightweight, but on the other hand, they are also robust, hard-wearing and weather-resistant. Even if your bicycle bottle is heavily soiled during off-road and off-road trips, you can easily clean the material – often even with the dishwasher.

With practical, fold-away drinking caps or classic drinking caps, you can take a sip of your sports drink with just one hand, without having to lavishly screw on your bottle with both hands. So you can always keep one hand on the handlebars.

Finally, our bottles are also convincing with their practical dimensions, which hold up to 1 liter of your drink, but at the same time, thanks to their diameter of about 7 cm, fit into any common bicycle bottle holder.

Best Water Bottle Cages, UShake Basic MTB Bike Bicycle Alloy Aluminum Lightweight and Water Bottle Holder Cages Brackets (2 Pack)


-Easy to mount a bottle cage

With a dynamic and super lightweight bottle holder, you can also attach your bike bottle easily on the bike within easy reach of your hands. If you attach your bottle with a bottle holder on the down tube or on the seat tube, you can also access at full speed with a simple handle down on your drinking bottle.

The mounting of bicycle bottle holders is very simple: either you use the standardized holes on the bottle holder and in the bicycle frame to screw on the holder, or you use one of our practical adapters or Velcro straps, with which you can either optionally or additionally to any other bottle holder Place it on your bike.