Best Bike us- Unicycle

Best Bike us- Unicycle


You want to ride the best unicycle in your free time as a new hobby or want to do it as a sport, unicycling is definitely an excellent way to keep you fit in your free time and brings a whole lot of fun!

We at have dedicated ourselves to sport unicycling and want to bring you closer to unicycling here and to offer all the information about unicycles on one page.

While in the past unicycles were almost only seen in the circus, more and more people are following this hobby, and in fact, it is the case that everyone can learn to ride a unicycle with enough practice.

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General information about the unicycle

The unicycle has its name for the obvious reason that only one wheel of the unicycle touches the ground.

A unicycle is kept in balance and therefore upright only by the muscular strength of its driver.

Unicycles are available from a wheel size of 12 inches to wheels with 50 inches in the specialized trade, with the sizes of 20 “and 24” are the most common are the best bike us.

You can easily calculate the right unicycle size for you with this guide.

A unicycle is built like a bicycle, but a unicycle has a special hub, in which the axle is fitted.

About the bottom bracket, the cranks are firmly connected to the hub. This peculiarity translates the rotation of the pedals one to one on the wheel.

The unicycle thus has no freewheel of the pedals, however, this property is used to brake with a unicycle – by applying force to the pedal against the direction of rotation of the wheel.

With the unicycle, the overall system of driver and unicycle can be seen as a kind of inverted pendulum whose center of gravity is above the pivot point.

Fun 20 Inch Wheel Chrome Unicycle and with Alloy Rim


The result, the unicyclist is constantly forced to balance the balance. Here, the unicycle driver sits freehand and as vertical as possible above the wheel hub on the saddle and tries to maintain balance through steady movement.