Want to start in triathlon? Ask me how!

start in triathlon

Want to start in triathlon? Ask me how! You have been “dating” the triathlon for some time, you want to practice, but you do not know where to start? So, write down best bike us and these tips and start now!

Triathlon is a sport in which we swim, paddle and run (or rather, swim as soon as possible). It sounds like a joke, but this is the number one teaching: Triathlon is a sport with three modes, not three sports in one. At first, I did not understand what that means, but with day-to-day practice, I felt it in my skin: one modifies the other, one training hits the other, running after cycling is not just running, and pedaling running after is not just pedaling. Therefore, it is essential that you have a triathlon professional that prescribes the three modalities.


Start in triathlon

To practice the sport, there is a list of basic items for training by modality:

  • Swimming: cap, goggles, swimsuit or swimwear.
  • Cycling: helmet, glasses, cycling shirt and shorts, gloves, sneakers, and bike.
  • Running: sneakers, shorts, T-shirt, glasses, and visor.


In triathlon events, we use a triathlon monkey or top with start in triathlon Bermuda, but we usually do not train with them because they are good for carrying out the three modalities together, but they are not as good as the specific ones for each modality.

Strong recommendation: give a lot of attention and affection to the choice of your cycling shorts. The relationship with the bank is not great and it gets much worse with poor quality shorts.

One discussion that always happens is whether or not to invest money in equipment, especially when it’s in the beginning. Well, it’s your decision! If you want (read, you can) already start with the best equipment available, great! If you want to start with basic equipment, great! The great point of attention is to be aware that there is a need to adapt to the routine of training in best bike us, which may or may not happen. I’ve seen people buy too much basic equipment and in a few months change everything; I’ve also seen people buy everything top and give up soon. My suggestion: buy something with which you feel good.



The bicycle is one of the most doubtful items in the beginning. What type, make and model to buy? Each bike is best suited for one type of terrain, from soil to altimetry. MTB’s are commonly used on trails. The Speeds, or Bike Roads, are most commonly used on routes with many climbs, because geometry allows better use of leg strength, and also in tests where the value of a vacuum (when an athlete positions his bike near another athlete’s bike, reducing the resistance of the wind, facilitating the pedaling). And there is the TT bike, known as a triathlon bike, which is the most used in long courses, to have better aerodynamics and, theoretically, more comfort for the athlete to remain hours in the same position. Normally, it cannot be used in tests with a vacuum released because the clip, where we hold, has no brake,

It is recommended to beginners a Bike Road, for being more versatile and easier to pedal. Even because the beginner probably starts in short tests, where the vacuum is usually released. It is common for a triathlete to have a Bike Road and a TT, being able to alternate the bikes according to the tests and terrains in the training.


The most common triathlon test formats are:

  • Short triathlon: 750 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running.
  • Olympic Triathlon: 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km of running.
  • Half Ironman: 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running.
  • Ironman: 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running.


It is recommended to try the shortest distances and, with time and adaptation to the sport, to progress, if you find it interesting to do long exams. This is the recommendation, but it is not always what is done. Many athletes skip the stages and end up having injuries or even abandoning the sport. Other athletes, which are my case, have no interest in short exams and it would be an ordeal to be taking tests of very high intensity. Since I already had a long history of long races, this helped me a bit in adapting to the higher mileage races.

To buy the bike, you will have to be measured. This is critical. You will have to do a bike fit, which is nothing more than adjusting the best bike us to you: handlebars, saddle, sneakers and the like. In cycling, especially in long races, any poorly adjusted item will bother you.

If you buy a used bicycle, it is an essential start in triathlon to ask someone who understands, to know if the bike is in good condition, to check if there are no cracks or cracks in the frame and to make sure the origin is reliable (it is not stolen). The idea is to buy from someone you know and have a good reputation.

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Other tips

I will list below some doubts and general tips more frequent for those who wish to start in triathlon.


Ballet shoes

Almost everyone I know has already “dropped dead”. The shoe stays attached to the bike when we ride and when we want to stop the bike, we have to remember to release it before. In the beginning, it is common to forget or curl up to loosen the shoe. It hurts more the ego than the body when we fall stopped. So, start with sneakers already, it’s not worth starting out with sneakers.


Tire Changer

Learn soon. Tires bore. And incredibly there are people more unlucky than others. It is common to always have someone who drills several tires into workouts and others that almost do not punch. We always leave with the kit: spare tire (2), spatula and pump. Pray not to be the underdog of the tires and be warned: never leave the house without this.


Survival kit

This is the name I give to the repair kits that are always with me containing identity, health insurance card, money and emergency phones. Pedaling in the streets can be dangerous, never leave without it.


Where to train

That depends a lot on where you live. Running is easy. It is interesting to swim in the pool and in the sea. Cycling is the most complicated to train because of the little infrastructure we have in Brazil. It is highly recommended to discover near your house where you usually pedal and get involved with the most experienced cyclists. It is common to have to pedal at dawn, at least in Rio de Janeiro.


Indoor training

In order to reduce my exposure to risk, I train a lot in what we call a training roller.


It’s equipment where we use our own bike to train “standing”.


Food deserves a separate article. It is of utmost importance start in triathlon for you to feel good, training and competing. It is essential that you look for a sports nutritionist.


Bike saddle

The complaint of men and women is great. You will find your way to deal with this hassle. Basically, there are two major cautions: the saddle itself and the Bermuda lining. I use an Adamo saddle and also use the “chamois butter” cream on the shorts lining: it is like a “vaseline”, but it is suitable for this purpose.



To pedal, I opt for bretelle instead of cycling shorts because I feel more comfortable, besides not ever leaving the position.


Security rules

Respect the traffic rules, use safety items best bike us (lights and the like), never ride a bike without a helmet, never take a risky bike ride, do not swim in the sea alone and try not to ride alone.

With these tips, seek help from your friends and a serious professional to face what may be your biggest challenge: set up (and follow) a workout routine. We will be here, looking forward to welcoming you to the triathletes’ team!

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