Errors of cyclists – Cycling for beginners training plan

Errors of cyclists - Cycling for beginners training plan

In previous entries, I wrote about cycling for beginners training plan Parkers on bicycle roads, Rollers who appear on bikes and Walkers doing the same. This time, I encourage you to look in the mirror and look at the mistakes made by us, cyclists (of course some). It would seem that these are minor issues and that all cyclists are one family. But how often shows like – this is not entirely true. In fact, whether you are a pedestrian, a driver or a cyclist – in any situation you can simply be a beetroot. And this is not changed by the means of transport. This entry is completed with this: 10 cycling gold thoughts. It’s a must-read for anyone who thinks bicycle paths are just for him.

I invite you to watch the Bicycle Tips section, in which I talk about a few types of cyclists, which I do not like. I will be very pleased if you subscribe to my channel.

The main mistakes made by cyclists (my eye) are:

1) Driving without lighting in the evening and at night – one of the biggest sins. Riding a bicycle, it seems to us that everyone can see us, we see all of us. Unfortunately, it is not so often. The worst is in parks, forests and everywhere where there is no lighting on the streets. Let me remind you that according to the rules, it is mandatory to switch on the front and rear lighting in the bike from dusk to dawn (and during bad visibility and in the tunnel).

2) Driving with ill-set lights (especially the front one) – it is better to shine too much than at all, but it is also not pleasant when your headlight glows in your eyes. The front light – especially high power – should be directed down a bit.

3) Overtaking on the bicycle route – of course, I am thinking about overtaking without first making sure that no one is coming from the opposite direction, and whether no one is ahead of us. Sometimes I had to suddenly brake because some giant decided to scare me and suddenly jump out from behind the bicycle coming from the cycling for beginners training plan opposite direction. Triathlon Training – Brick Sessions to Success

4) Driving in pairs regardless of circumstances – the problem mainly concerns bicycle paths. I do not mind such a ride, sometimes I ride with Monica myself, but it bothers me very much when I go, and from the opposite side come two questioned doves that do not see the world outside of me. And I have a choice, either to voluntarily escape from the path or to shout. Sometimes it even happens to ride three or four people in this way. Every time I promise myself that I will invest in a good trumpet.

5) Driving “how drunk” – I do not penetrate anyone who has blood in the blood (though I do not support driving on a large amount of alcohol), but some drive as if they were a few deeper. They are mostly women in airy dresses, on large city bikes with a basket in the front (girls, you know well that I mean only a few of you, not all). You never know what such a person will do – usually, he does not follow a straight line – but only by a known track, does not signal a turn, sometimes even stops at a green light, because he has to see something. Just total egoism on the bike.

6) Stopping on a bicycle road  – you ride a bike, somebody is on the way, the pavement is busy – so there is no place to run, and here in the middle of a narrow bicycle path two marauders grow up talking with each other – of course standing. I do not have to add that the person traveling from the opposite direction has no intention of stopping and will try to fit between standing and you…

7) Pushing the pedestrians offs the pavement – we are guests on the sidewalk and must be particularly careful when driving. I am insistent on chasing off pedestrians.

8) Ignorance of regulations – which are also valid on the bike path. Mainly concerns the already mentioned ride on the right side and the principle that the oncoming person on the right takes precedence. Unfortunately, the most common is that the one who is faster or the longest will not give up.

9) Stopping “in place” – usually to remove the phone ringing. Unfortunately, sometimes someone who does not notice in time that it is time to break stops behind such a delicacy. Unfortunately, the bikes are not equipped with stop lights and are not always able to react quickly – especially when this “someone” brakes very suddenly. I am begging you-you want to stop – go aside, or at least look if someone is not following you.

Most of the above “sinners” apply to bicycle routes. I noticed that cyclists leaving for roads, especially those with more traffic – humble. They will never win with a tin can in a direct clash – so courage and bravado often leave them. Learn more: Online bicycle shop USA

I did not make this statement to complain or convert anyone. However, cycling for beginners training plan and I think that meeting cyclist usually ends in the blood (more or less) and it is worth knowing what mistakes to avoid – or what to pay attention to, for example, your companions. I also invite you to the entry, which Monika has prepared on her blog, about cyclists’ mistakes from her perspective.

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