Sports Chiropractic a bike- A world of possibilities

Sports Chiropractic

The best cycling Sports Chiropractic a bike- A world of possibilities it’s a most valuable to best bike us-

The Sports Chiropractic a bike- A world of possibilities is most important to best bike us. It’s benefit to anyone like “Sports Chiropractic” and Best Cycling.

The balanced technical level in various sports modalities, fueled by exhaustive training and a sequence of important competitions enhanced by a requirement of performance and results, conditions that naturally painful injuries or complaints interfere in the planning of an individual team or athlete.

Sports Chiropractic a bike

On the basis of these requirements, chiropractic (a word derived from two Greek roots: chiropractic and praxis – practicing, that is, “practicing with hands”) has been perfectly introduced, a profession that has given athletes a consistent and surprising differential.

In general terms, chiropractic’s main aim is to diagnose, treat and prevent problems of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, that is, of the joints, muscles, tendons, nerves and other structures, as well as the effects of these changes on the health in who may be manifesting painfully or not yet.

The success of sports chiropractic is not recent. Professionals have been working with the American Olympic Committee for more than 35 years to provide athletes with 100% of their physical fitness to pursue their best performance. To this end, world-class athletes in the Tour de France have requested the presence of chiropractors during the stages with their teams. Chiropractic did not go for a walk, set his flag as a fundamental profession, a condition seen in the account of athletes who have on his team such privilege.

How to Sports Chiropractic a bike- A world of possibilities? and Sports nutrition for a cyclist– basics and tips


Jeff Spencer, also known as “Magic Doctor”, accompanies the RadioShack team and was with Lance Armstrong in the seven Tour de France wins. His job as a chiropractor on the team is to optimize the skeletal component and, in case of an accident, minimize rehab time and get them back in the race the best bike us as fast as possible. Armstrong once said that “he is a medical part, part guru, part healer … we believe that Jeff could solve all our problems … While he physically adjusts us, he also adjusts us mentally.”

This situation is not unique to Lance since other cyclists not exclusively in the Tour de France have added chiropractic to their work. Names like Christian Vande Velde, Bradley Wiggins, Dan Lloyd and David Millar are some of them.

Matt Rabin has been a contract chiropractor for the Garmin-Carvel team since 2008. Cyclist Dan Lloyd says: “Chiropractic has made me more efficient. I know Matt very well, he often shows up in some races and other team athletes come until he asks for his guidance. “According to Matt” many cyclists he knows are not running at 100% capacity, but at 70, 80 or 90% of their potential, it’s just a matter of cutting paths and putting an order in his body. Many cyclists have never worked with a Sports Chiropractic and this can make a big difference in how they feel and in performance. ”



The differential that has won athletes, teams, and clubs in the US and Europe has also provided the same care to Brazilian sportsmen and sportswomen.

With a bachelor’s degree in Chiropractic, I deepened my studies in the sports field with specific courses in Health and Sports Sciences and Sports Chiropractic, graduated by New York Chiropractic College and certified by FICS Federation International Chiropractic Sports. Currently in charge of Torque – Osteomuscular Therapy and Chiropractic Sports Rehabilitation, work with athletes of cycling, soccer, and athletics, among others.

Torque is a service with high quality professionals and experience focused on optimizing the performance of athletes, providing a greater range of movement because of the greater mobility of action of the joint, aid in reducing the time of treatment, remission of some painful complaints in the hip region, spine and joint of extremities, including tendons, ligaments and muscles.


Other Service

Another service that Torque offers, besides Sports Chiropractic, is Physical Fitness and Mental Coach, and all professionals tend to stay as long as possible with the athletes to visualize and talk about their training and technical gestures.

My work with athletes is to promote the correction of joint dysfunctions that prevent them from seeking their best physical condition and consequently performance. The organism, when free of these interferences, works 100% of its condition, the result also prevents or intensifies rehabilitation in the cases of injuries.

Roberto Leite Rodrigues Júnior, an endurance cycling midfielder, an athlete for 23 years, has known chiropractic for pains in the cervical and lumbar for about 10 years. “Chiropractic is part of my physical fitness program,” says Roberto. “In the competition period I intensify the sessions, doing more frequently because the training is stronger at this stage and so I avoid problems,” he says.

What impresses the athletes are the quick result: they realize immediately after the care that they move better and that their painful complaints reduce. The athlete need not deal with chiropractic only when painful complaints are manifesting. Chiropractic is much more than that: it must do the care so that it gives your body the ability to perform what it already does well in an even better way to the best bike us to optimize its technical gesture.



BMX bike practitioner Gustavo Kruse reveals that he has improved his performance in competitions with chiropractic. “Most athletes think only of developing technique and fitness by forgetting the body that gets all the pressure coming to its limits. The Torque gives me a body balance that helps me in the physical and motor development, making me agiler in the competitions, “says Gustavo.

The correction of these joint dysfunctions or subluxations, as it is also known, is performed quickly using manual and specific techniques for specific regions and joints. These techniques are high speed and low amplitude, in which after a “click” the joint returns to a more comfortable and aligned position to perform its function. The procedures are not painful and do not pose risk to the health of the individual, evidently, that must be carried out by a qualified professional assuring the specificity best bike us to that the profession determines.

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