How to set cheap cycling shoes?

Best bike us - How to set cheap cycling shoes

After purchasing cheap cycling shoes and snap pedals (e.g. SPD), you should screw the shoes to the shoes – it is quite obvious. However, how to screw them?

Contrary to appearances, it is quite important – badly bolted blocks may cause knee pain and problems with ankles, hip etc. after some time.

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The easiest way to attach the SPD block to the shoe in the right position is to put a foot into the shoe and draw a horizontal line passing through the pillow under the big toe (see figure below).

Blocks are mounted on this height or 1-2 centimeters lower (closer to the heel). Generally, the idea is to make the cushion directly above the pedal axis. Cycling holidays- Choose the universal best bike equipment are available the best bike us-

When it comes to adjusting the block horizontally (right-left) and at an angle – it all depends on the type of latches. In some (eg Crank Brothers) there is no such regulation. In the Shimano SPD system, this can be adjusted – here it is best to rely on intuition and adjust their setting to your preferences. I.e. tighten them (at the beginning not with the maximum force) set in the middle (right-left) and vertical, then go a little bit and see if this setting suits us.

If you are not drunk anything anymore or you do not touch anything – screw in the blocks carefully (but with feeling) and do not forget to carry an Allen key with you in the near future – if necessary, make corrections. If there is a pain in the knee or another part of the leg while riding a bicycle – always the first thing you need to check, the block setting – may not be set correctly? It is the best place to bicycle –¬†Online bicycle shop in the USA

It is also worth remembering to adjust the saddle. Especially after buying new shoes and pedals – the position of the foot relative to the pedal can change a bit. And it can also cause ailments. How to set a bicycle saddle you can read in this entry.

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