What is a good average speed on a road bike?

What is a good average speed on a road bike

Many people are no idea what is a good average speed on a road bike? And I constantly meet the opinion that it makes no sense to ride a road bike on our roads – it will fall apart right away. Friends, believe me, this is absolutely not true. The safety margin of any Road master is very large, and if you trust the hybrid, then the road race certainly will not be weaker.

I understand where this opinion comes from – it is worth looking at these thin wheels and lightweight frame, as it will seem that all this will burst from the very first section of a bad road.

Road bike wheel size

In fact, this subtlety is very deceptive. There are calculations behind the refined appearance, so it’s impossible to break a bike with potholes and joints. The wheels are finished very hard but at the same time elastic, which allows you to withstand any load. Of course, this is true for a well-assembled wheel.

The only weak point of the road master is its thin tires. If you jump all the way into a pothole with a sharp edge or a curb, you can get a “snake bite” – breakdown of the camera on the rim. In the worst case, the rim itself will be tangled. In order to successfully ride a road bike, you only need to learn how to toss the front and rear wheels into the air, as well as to bounce as a whole.

Road bike tire pressure calculator

It is necessary to always monitor the pressure in the chamber: note that road tires stuffed to 10 atoms tend to drop to 7-8 in a few days, and this is not noticeable if you check with your fingers for compression. But when driving on a bad road, low pressure can play a bad joke with wheels. So get a floor pump with a pressure gauge to quickly and timely pump up tires before pokatushkami.

Likewise, do not be afraid of the road bike to people who have a weight of more than 100 kg. Schlosser remarkably holds the weight and more check for you. But here, even more, follow the curbs, potholes, and pressure in the tires – the load is stronger. Neither the frame, nor the sleeves, nor the rims will be damaged due to the weight of your carcass unless you specifically kill a large one.

Paris Roubaix distance

On roadies ride one of the most difficult races of Paris-Rube? Take a look at the photos to imagine for you what cyclists and their road racers must bear. And nothing, everyone is alive.

Someone may ask, and why is it even necessary – to roll on our roads on the road? Why watch over the pits, when you can buy a full suspension and without breaking the road to break all the potholes and cracks in the asphalt. All the way, friends, but the one who has never felt this mad run, which gives a road bike, has lost a lot in his bicycle life.

Bike tire size conversion

When you first sit on the shower, it feels weird to the limit. Landing just crazy even in the upper grip, great tries to react to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, acceleration is simply stunning – all this is puzzling at first, even a little scary as if sat on an unbeaten horse. But I drove a couple of kilometers, and everything – fell in love. I found a comfortable position of hands on the steering wheel, picked up the pace – freedom! It seems that you are not pedaling, but only twisting, and the speed is already 30km / h and more.

Do not believe those who say that on the road-builders, due to the specific landing, it is uncomfortable to drive long distances. This is just a habit, as soon as the muscles get used to the new pose, everything will fall into place. I personally drove more than one marathon on a road bike, including 300km, and would never change it to either MTB or a hybrid. That only cost a variety of grabs steering and aerodynamic landing.

Check road conditions for my trip

As for the shaking on a bad road, I can answer this way: better, I will shake in broken areas, but I will fly to all the others. The only advice, if you buy a highwayman, he must have a carbon or steel fork, aluminum will take out the soul on the potholes. However, as far as I know, even aluminum forks are no longer put on modern road horns — only carbon.

Ideally, the entire bike should be carbon: the frame, the steering wheel, and the seat pin. In addition to less weight, this gives the absorption of micro vibrations. Unfortunately, carbon models are still expensive, but sooner or later, this material will displace aluminum, as aluminum once replaced steel.

Final words

Finally, take a look at what Martin Ashton gets up on a road bike. And I note that this is a lightweight bike for professional racing, with carbon wheels. I hope this will convince you that the road workers are very strong, and even our roads will not be able to beat him.

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