Standard wheel size road bike – 29 inch bicycle

Standard wheel size road bike - 29 inch bicycle

29 inches – the standard wheel size road bike, which every year is becoming more popular the 29 inch bicycle wheel. In the 1980s, the fixed wheel standards for the bicycle were not yet defined. The first companies that produced the Fisher, Kelly and, Apps mountain bikes at the time began experimenting with 29-inch wheels so that off-road bikes could get a second wind and could overcome obstacles and off-road even more easily.

29 inch bicycle wheels

At the first prototypes installed tires 700c Nokian. Apps in 1981 developed the first prototype of a mountain bike with 700 mm wheels – the Aventura. The Italians from Bianchi in 1991 also launched the 29 inch Project series bikes. At the same time, Klein, Specialized steering wheel, Diamondback, and Specialized also began to try their hand in this niche.

Bikes with wheels for 29 inches were not particularly popular, mainly due to the lack of off-road tires of this size and forks of the appropriate size. By 2000, a full-fledged 29-inch off-road tire by the Wilderness Trail Bikes Nano raptor and a White Brothers big wheel suspension fork appeared. The company Gary Fisher first started in 2002, the mass production of bikes with 29-inch wheels.

29ers – standard wheels according to ISO 622mm. These wheels are usually used in the track, road and touring bikes, as well as cyclotrons and hybrids. 26 inches have an ISO standard of 559 mm.

Staggered wheels benefits

  • better maneuverability and overcoming obstacles due to the larger diameter;
  • a larger spot size of contact with the surface allows you to feel more confident in the corners;
  • the advantage of movement on soft surfaces (dirt, sand);
  • the carriage is higher due to increased ground clearance;
  • less rolling resistance.

Disadvantages fastest bike wheels

  • the greater weight of the bike;
  • large diameter affects wheel stiffness;
  • limited selection of spare parts due to not yet a large selection of standard 29 “;
  • for cyclists who have a low stature it is difficult to choose a bike in size;

Disputes do not subside – which is better – 26 “or 29”. Each standard has its advantages and disadvantages. To eliminate them, manufacturers produce bicycles with different wheel diameter. For example, ahead of 29 “, and behind 26” or vice versa.

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