Road bike cockpit setup – Performance cycling gear

Road bike cockpit setup - Performance cycling gear

Best cycling performance monitoring and what is a road bike cockpit setup? Uninitiated people usually laugh when they find out that there is a rooster on the bike. Write to me in the comments, you knew what it is or not.

The rooster is a removable holder for the rear derailleur. Previously, frames were made of steel, and there the switch was fastened directly. The material has been replaced by aluminum, which, as we know, is very fragile and does not tolerate flexion, unlike steel.

Bicycle frame design calculations

Thus, if you would bend the switch holder on a solid aluminum frame, it would most likely have cracked when it was bent. The frame can be thrown away (or expensive and not too reliable to cockpit).

Therefore, they invented a removable holder made of softer aluminum, which world cyclists call a rooster. If such a rooster bends, for example, due to a fall or transport, then you can bend it.

With a strong deformation, it will break, but the frame will remain intact, you just need to buy a new one. This is how it looks like:

Design of bicycle

The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that the frame is very different to choose a bike design, so often, the roosters are not interchangeable. In theory, this detail should be sold by dealers and bicycle stores that sell the brand, but as a rule, at best; they can order it, with the expectation of a month or more.

If the rooster is not too clever, then you can take it from another bike and process it with a file. The main thing – which he stood in the intended recess and the holes, can be drilled/squandered.

Design of bicycle

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