Proper bike ride – How to ride a bike on the road?

Proper bike ride - How to ride a bike on the road

There are three main types of landing: low, medium, high and how to ride a bike on the road? everything you need to know. The first is suitable for riding around the city. Saddle below the steering wheel. The body is almost straight, arms not bent. The position of the palms depends on the type of steering. On a city bike, I put them on the arms, and on the sports bike – on the middle part, closer to the carry.

This position is convenient for cycling. But for a long trip is not an option, as the legs get tired quickly. And in such a way it is better not to ride over the bumps; it will be strongly given in the back.

Better place ride a bike

When lifting or lowering the palm, it is better to bike place it at the base of the steering arms (a sports bike), increase the slope of the body and slightly bend your elbows for better cushioning. This is the average landing. Suitable for tourists. The saddle is at the same level as the wheel or slightly lower. The angle of inclination of the body is approximately 45 °.

His weight, for the most part, falls on the fifth point. When a tourist trips you need to change the position of the body, to redistribute the load. During the ascent, we move to the front of the saddle while descending – to the rear.

Low landing is the position of the cyclist. The saddle is five to ten centimeters higher than the wheel. Palms – on the handles of a curved steering wheel. Elbows are best not to breed. It is clear – the air resistance will be more. Better to keep them shoulder-width apart.

Still, do not have to hunch. It looks awful, and the back will hurt later. Need to bend from the waist. For this, it must be quite flexible.

Long distance cycling checklist

The main focus is on the hands. From a long ride can be a tired neck. I do not lower it, but turn it from side to side, as in a sports warm-up for the neck. Tension decreases. Take a low position and with the direct wheel. But at the same time, hands lose support; they are strongly bent and get tired more quickly.

There is another landing. I cannot attribute it to the middle or to the low. This is when on the sports steering wheel, the palms are located near the upper bend, and they seem to “look” at each other. Very fit such a landing for a long ride, changed the position of the hands, which allowed the brushes to rest.

Errors when adjusting bike saddle fitting

All that I described above “works” if the frame is chosen correctly, in height. In general, the following technical issues also affect the fit: the height of the saddle and steering wheel, the distance of the steering wheel, the inclination of the saddle and its horizontal position are how to ride a bike on the road?

Regarding the first point, we can say that the saddle is often raised too high. In fact, the foot should be practically straightened at the lower position of the pedal, but not completely. Adjusting the angle, you do not need to strongly lift up the seat – you can get injured in an interesting place.

And a little more advice. Riding off-road, I push the saddle back a couple of centimeters to increase the effort on the pedals.

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