How to pick a road bike?

How to pick a road bike

When you were buying your first real bicycle and how to pick a road bike, did you wonder what type it should be? Or maybe you assumed in advance that you need a highlander and immediately chose from your favorite manufacturer’s models? It is this type of that dominates the USA market.

You wanted him to have a branded shock absorber, top quality accessories and disc brakes. In this pursuit of equipment, we happen to make completely unreflective decisions. See what type of bike to choose to be a happy cyclist and check if you have done the right thing!

Variety of sizes and models available in the market, choosing a road bike may not be as simple a mission as it looks-



MTB or I have a totally awesome fairy tale. He is not a cyclist, he is a fairy tale! This man does not just traverse. He constantly casts enigmatic concepts like SAG, humble, monoque, or low normal. All the clothes we wear are made of Cordura and the Blue Powerade in the veins. When he comes back from a trip, he makes himself a camelback tea. He sits with her to read, bike board and bicycle magazine. He carries a picture of his bike in his wallet. In size A4, if someone asked. When his woman tries to start a meaningful conversation during dinner, he decides that after dinner he will play in Mountain Bike Adrenaline. On every credit card, he has a long one, because exactly yesterday he released a new version of the shifter, derailleur, titanium screw, and he must be on time. He only deals with such as he types.

The highway is like Pamela Anderson in the first episodes of the Solar Patrol. Everyone knew what it looked like, but none of you could touch it. It was the dream of every pimply teen without hope of being able to “feel”. When a neighbor, a colleague of a friend of your neighbor’s neighbor, got the first road from the states of his father, everyone lifted it with one finger and said that it weighs two kilograms. And dick, she weighed twelve, but it was half as much as your sister’s Wigry 3. Today, the road continues to arouse emotions, though a bit smaller. It is associated mainly with rich square-headed snobs who shave their crotch and wear tight clothes that are scared to get dirty.

Road bike

The trekking bike for many “riders” is associated with the logs sitting with the rapist’s mustache on a large triple-spring sofa. Lamus, he wore a Casio watch with a calculator on his wrist, and a faded checked shirt on his back. It’s free like your first Neostrada, boring like a chess game and predictable like a Polish team match. His cheek is adorned with greasy hair, which reaches to the shoulders and at the same time does not have much of an anchor point in the middle of the skull. In addition, he has such a big belly that he can house his mother-in-law. He rides his cows on the city with his saddlebags, and in the weekend he fastens the saddle to the trunk and carries a child in the same shirt, with the same watch and mustache. On vacation, he takes a faded tent bought in a demobil, a mat from a supermarket and a leaky mess of a Polish army.

Today on the city bike we mainly see girls in knee-length dresses with flowers. Sometimes guys with a big beard. Also in dresses, only shorter ones. It used to be a means of transport that traveled in all weathers, and today it travels to Starbucks or to the boulevards, to shoot a photo of #selfie #polishboy #Wroclove #Batavus #starbucks #iphone #apple. Bicycles are decorated with beautiful gadgets, and each of them cost some sick money. For example, Pusheen-shaped nuts on the valves, which will screw you up the first time when you leave the bike for more than five minutes.

Enduro is, above all, rich forties, dressed up like a Christmas tree at Christmas. The price of these carbonated equipment, accessories and clothing exceeds the average value of a sixty-meter flat in the center of Warsaw. After completing several courses under the supervision of professional players, learning to pump on molds, correcting the position on the bike and optimizing the entry into corners, he went to sticky for the first time. At the first how to pick a road bike root, he left the saddle and brought the bicycle to the end of the route. In the meantime, he was uploading photos from the Insta tour with #enduro #singletrack #trail #biking #bikeheaven #borntofly.

The coolest are cross-country bikes. They are driven by types in flip-flops and polo shirts with a Lacoste badge. What’s more, big glasses are fucked from the shop “Be like Chuck fucking Norris” and a bucket of gel on the spine. The main purpose of the ride is to eat three scoops of ice cream and burn a few menthol slims, but first and foremost, the good ass drills on the market.


In the seventies of the last century, several enthusiasts, including Garry Fischer tortured his bikes off a nearby hill. On time, of course. These antics became the inspiration for the first mountain bike. A few years later, the world was crazy about them and fashion for this type of bicycle continues to this day. The problem is that in fact highlanders if we were to buy a bike that we really need, MTB sales would represent a few percent market share. Most of us would probably fly on townspeople, cruisers, etc. Just like it was 40 years ago. I’m not saying that having an MTB is something bad. I just want to let you know that you’ll think about it because you may have let yourself be fashioned, just like girls buying leggings printed with planets taken from an ass galaxy.


A shock absorber, small wheels, thick tires and an aggressive tread make it a great ride in the field. On the asphalt, on the other hand, they mean that the average speed can barely exceed 20 km / h. The energy we put into pedaling is lost due to the deflection of the shock absorber (not everyone has a blockade) and overcoming the rolling resistance of a wide tire. Aggressive silhouette makes long rides for neck and wrist pain. We will meet a lot of people on the net, who set up slicks for their MTB to gain some speed. I practiced this method myself until I bought the first highway. The truth is that after the change from 1.95 to Slicks 1.35, the average increased from 20 to 25 km / h. After changing the tires!

For cyclists or “bicycle fanatics” at all. If someone tells you that you can not go to work on a bike, then punch him in the face and make him quit. It is better to ride on asphalt than any other bike. It is a bit worse to ride on paved sidewalks, but it is definitely more durable than you might think. Of course, the attempt to drive through gravel and roots threatens with a serious injury. There is no suggestion of Road Bike Party 2. The lamb provides us with three points of grip. The shifts that provide good control over the bike, on the upper grip we have the best visibility and comfort and the lower grip guarantees excellent control over the bike and aerodynamics. I love this type of bike and I believe that you too would be happy, but certainly, the road would be quite a meager basic bike. Here you can also observe an interesting trend. A lot of people buy an old highway and mount a simple steering wheel to it, which is a de facto cross substitute.

A trekking bike provides a comfortable position, good visibility and a higher average speed than MTB. Of course, it is not as high as in the case of a highway. On the trekking, we can put the panniers, and so go on more shopping or a trip, and even vacation. With this bike, you can easily get around gravel roads or dirt roads. However, the most practical in my opinion is quite a young type of bikes called cross/fit. They have a somewhat more aggressive position than trekking, while they have a wheel size of 28 inches. You can easily mount the boot, and changing tires means that we have a road with a simple steering wheel or MTB. If I had one bicycle I would definitely shoot across. Crossing over 260 kilometers in one day on such a bike is also not a problem.

Do you think there is a universal bicycle? I’m really curious about your opinion on this topic, so go ahead and leave it in the commentary under the entry!¬†Great tips for cycling are Safe on the road- children on the bike and best bike us are very necessary-

PS Remember! Do not classify others on the basis of which bike they ride and do not get yourself assigned to any group. Always do what you want. Always take more from life, drive how to pick a road bike on and do not worry about what others think. Life is too short to waste time reading about Sram’s superiority over Shimano and Campagnolo and Sram. It’s good for forum professionals who are stupid and later buy the XTR chain into the Alivio cassette and lubricate it evenly every 150 kilometers …

PS2. I had immediate karma for writing this post. Riding yesterday morning, my companion stood on the pedals to get a little faster. After a moment I lay on the ground holding my knee. I slightly destroyed my pants, my legs are rubbed, my knee is bruised (when I touch it hurts like hell, but I can drive).

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