How to buy a good used road bike?

how to buy a good used road bike

A complete guidebook that helps how to buy a good used road bike without the slightest chance of a break! I am writing about the verification of the theft, checking the bike, talking to the seller over the phone, I give a list of things to check. The entry contains sample photos and a movie.

In the end, you will find it in PDF so that you can have it with you when you buy! I have prepared a template for purchase and sale for you as well.

As promised in the newsletter, it’s time for specific and meaningful bicycle articles on the blog. Is there anything more specific than the “How to buy a good used bike?” Guide. If you are going to read this entry at work, do it during a lunch break, and preferably at peace at home and be careful because it has a lot of photos.



Buying a used bike is a way to save money on buying a new bike. It is also a way to buy a turbocharged machine for much less money. The main reason for this decision is the willingness to reduce spending. Before you start buying, however, you need to know the disadvantages of such a solution. First of all, without the proper knowledge, you can have a good ride on such a bike. Secondly, the purchase of an expensive used bike will result in very high operating costs. Without the knowledge contained in this entry, you will fall ashamed of a jaggies, spend a helmet on your dream machine, which will cost 50% of its value. And in the pocket of dust and ferns. Fortunately, this guide was created. It allows you to tame emotions and rationally verify whether you make the right decision. Give yourself 30 minutes for common sense,


When choosing a bicycle, pay attention to the size of the frame. You do not want to squash on a little bike right? What to pay attention to and how to save yourself, having an ill-fitting frame, I wrote in the entry: Rise and size of the bicycle frame. How to choose a bicycle frame for growth?


The bike presented in the pictures and the film was not here accidentally. We bought it a few years ago through an online auction. It was the first bike we used to get through an online auction. I have been searching for and verifying for a long time. However, we bought it by mail order. We were lucky because the bike arrived exactly as the owner promised. Anyway, since then I bought and helped by a dozen or so bikes. Some of them are mailed, and some are in person. If you want to know my opinion, I definitely prefer personal collection. Today it is not a problem to travel 300 kilometers. Make an appointment for the weekend. It is not necessary to pour a few hundred into the tank. Choose a train. It will be cheaper for the bank. Remember that absolute certainty does not have a price tag. Saving dozens of zlotys.


Would you like to know how much bike has to do with the original condition? There is a way. Where you can check the technical specifications interests your bike. Thanks to this, you can verify how many parts the owner has changed. Remember that changes do not always follow the previous wear/damage. Sometimes this is due to the desire to buy new toys, the topic probably applies to the most roadsters. You know how it is;)


I value honesty, but it is getting harder and harder. As I wrote, I definitely prefer personal collection, however, due to the long distances it is worth to call and ask the seller about the bicycle. Ask for more photos by email. Specify what you want to see. Please make sure you know the topic and you can not do it in gray. Let him straight from the bridge tell you about any problems with the bike before you come to him. Ask to remove the frame number. Do not number just his photo. This minimizes the possibility of the combination. If the guest will not want to send a photo, arrange a personal collection or signing a contract, it means that you should avoid it with a wide arc because something is on your conscience. Opt out of buying from him. Seriously. It’s a pity to waste time and money.

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Verifying a stolen bicycle is very difficult and how to buy a good used road bike? There are a lot of places where we can check the number of the frame if it has not been checked stolen. Unfortunately, only the percentage of bicycles is marked by the police. Not a large number of thefts are reported to law enforcement agencies at all. I put all the stolen bike bases I found in the following list:
international database of stolen bikes


no search engine available, list or map available
run by the French Cyclist Federation. It exists since 2004
an English database using QR-codes, mobile phones, and social networks

Now we can go to check the status of the bicycle step by step. Let’s start by checking and assessing the condition of the parts you probably would not notice in your life. Do not understand/do not know how to do it? Under these steps, I prepared a video explaining these activities. At each point, I gave the repair/adjustment price range (updated as at 26/02/2015). The lowest applies in a smaller city, and the highest is given for large cities. As you will see the scattering is enormous! Prices of Shimano Alivio or Sram X4 accessories are available under links at almost any point.

1. Check that the door handles and brakes are working without any resistance. Are the blocks sure to catch the rim and what is the condition of the cladding? Brake adjustment on the site: 8 – 20 PLN / piece, a set of two v-brake pads: about 25 PLN, a set of disc pads about 70 PLN.
2. Check whether the derailleur smoothly changes gears (rear and front). The grippers must work smoothly. Make sure the cord does not get stuck in the armor. Adjustment of a single derailleur: about 8 – 15 zlotys.
3. Check the condition of armor and cables. The links cannot be delaminated and the armor is pulled out. Replacement of a single armor with a cable: 20 zlotys. Set (both gears + brakes): 80 zlotys. Same links from PLN 7 / piece for ordinary stainless. Armor from 9 PLN / m.

Such armor is certainly suitable for exchange. They should not protrude from it. wires. Buy a road bike 7 simple tips which might be your first bike

4. Make sure that there are no adjustment screws in the derailleurs.
5. Check that there are no clearances at the rear derailleur. I intentionally wrote a big one, because even the XT class derailleur can have a certain (small) amount of slack from the novelty. Price of a new gear: Shimano Alivio, Sram X4
6. Look at whether the derailleur hook is straight. The bending or traces of repair usually indicate the soil. If the bent hook is integrated into the frame, cancel the purchase. The cost of the hook: from PLN 19 to PLN 80. 30 zlotys on average.
7. Grip the crank arm with your hand and move it to check that the bottom bracket does not have clearances on the bearings. Replacement of support: PLN 20 – 35. The price of a new support: Shimano Alivio
8. Try to unscrew the pedals from the crank to make sure they are not baked. Removing the very sealed pedals may result in damage to the threads in the crank. You can fix it only by handing it over to the turner to paste the metal sleeves. Labor cost: PLN 120. The price of a new crank: Shimano Alivio
9. Check the rudders. Press the front brake and move the bike forward and back. Turn the wheel sideways. You should not feel any slack or hear any creak. The cost of the service: 15 – 30 PLN.
10. Check the front shock absorber. Press the front brake and move the front / rear bike to make sure it has no play. Push it up down. Pay attention to whether it is leaking and running smoothly. Look closely at the upper leg. They should not have any scratches or other damage. Shock absorber service with replacement of seals costs from PLN 200 – 250 depending on the model. No exchange PLN 60 – 110.
11. Turn the front and rear wheels to make sure they are not centered. Tighten the spokes adjacent to each other. All should be similarly tight. If this is the case, and yet there are centers, there is a good chance that the hoop is bent. This cannot be properly centered. This rim should be replaced. Centering cost: PLN 20 – 35. The cost of the rim is a minimum of 50 zlotys for some sensible model.
12. Check the rim wear level. A grooved bar located in the center of the center helps in this. Look at the nests in which the nipples are embedded. Any paint chips in this area may suggest microscopic cracks. The cracks themselves determine the replacement of the rim with a new one. Look for damage, spatters, dents on the side.
13. Grasp the wheel and try to move it from side to side to make sure that the hubs do not have clearances. Hub service cost: PLN 20 – 40.
14. Look at the tires. See how much tread has been left. Look for cracks. They are caused by continuous exposure to harsh sunlight, repeatedly driving at low pressure. Possibly, the tires are simply mega-old. New, decent tires cost a minimum of 45 zlotys per piece.


You have just read the best online guide on how to buy a good used road bike? If you have any comments or do not understand something, please leave a comment. I will correct any possible errors or shortcomings (I hope they will not be), and no question asked on the subject will be left unanswered. At this point, I would like to wish you a successful purchase. Remember to download the contract and guide in PDF when you go to buy your new used bike. Well, do not hesitate to share a photo of your new machine with us. You can paste it in the comment. If you do not feel up to your strength, why not reach for a new bike? If necessary, take a look at the guide: What new bike to buy?

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