Buy a road bike 7 simple tips which might be your first bike

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If you are going to buy a road bike then you have to make a lot of choices. Therefore, here are the 7 simple tips to make that choice! So, why it is good if we a road bike, we will be well aware of the 7 issues. Now we will see how to buy a good quality road bike from best bike us. Which will help us to buy a bike?

Buy a road bike

Buying a road bike can be a lot easier nowadays than before. You buy it online and have it shipped within 2 days with everything perfectly adjusted. If you buy a road bike I get suggest to you- Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is the most valuable to your cycling.


The standard question is of course what your budget is for your road bike and how you get a road bike cheaply. I always have a problem with that because it’s all about what you’re looking for in a racing bike.


You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want carbon?
  • Which brand do you want?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many gears do you want?
  • Do you want to switch electrically?
  • How old can he be or should he be new?


What does a racing bike cost?

But first of all, but the budget and size frame, then we go straight into the other important questions about a new road bike. You already have a steel racing bike with between 10 and 20 tube gears (so switch on the rod) for 100 euros. Then you probably have to go directly to the bicycle mechanic for some adjustments or (more expensive) a new chain and cassette (rear sprockets) and/or for new tires.



The max is about 10,000 euros for a new Pinarello, Storck, Trek or Giant with the latest components and everything in light carbon. A reasonable bike with 30 gears Shimano Ultegra and carbon you have new for 1000 euros and second-hand for about half if you look good. Your local bicycle mechanic will be 20% more expensive and the latest aero road bikes are much more expensive.



If you are not technical and do not want to be, then it is best to buy a new bicycle from the local bicycle repair shop. If you are technical then you can buy a second-hand bike but then you know that you are more at risk. The downside is that you can make nice bargains from people who have used the road bike a few times and do not use it now. An additional advantage is that such a person might also have some stuff for you. When purchasing, take along an expert to reduce the chance of a cat in the bag.


Buying a new or used road bike?

In short: a new road bike will be the best for most people because you will not have problems that cannot be solved. You can concentrate completely on cycling and not all technology.


Carbon or not

You will have heard it: nowadays almost every road bike is made of carbon. That is why I would choose it if I were you. It costs a bit more than aluminum but you get a nice, light comfortable bike. A carbon bike from a lesser known brand such as Bulls, Bianchi, Stevens etc with Shimano Ultra 20 speed costs about 1,250 euros, second-hand half of it and at a dealer, in the neighborhood, such a bike probably costs about 20% more. That security, therefore, costs you money and whether you want it is up to you.


Number of gears

A bicycle has 30 gears usually and sometimes also 20 gears. 2 Front and 10 back instead of 3 fronts and 10 back. The best way to cycle in the hills is probably 30 without experience. In the Alps, you definitely need them without training and for the first time giving these few gears about keeping a nice idea. If you only cycle in the Netherlands or Belgium over the flat land then 20 gears are fine, you have nothing to do with a triple (3 gears). Choose this in advance because the exchange is expensive and a waste of money.


Cycling clothing needed or not?

A helmet is actually mandatory, it can save your life and even if you are just starting out of the best bike us for you. Or maybe just when you’re just starting out. After that come the cycling shoes and clipless pedals and cycling clothing. For complete equipment, you are just 300 euros lost and if you really make fur then 1000 euros is possible!


Click pedals on a racing bike or not?

Click pedals are nice if you ride longer. If you start it is a choice but in the end, you will choose. If you are going to cycle with it immediately, you will probably fall for a very clumsy moment. For example at a traffic light or something.


What to pay attention to

What should you pay attention to when buying a road bike? Of course, there is a big difference between a purchase of a new one at a company that has existed for 200 years (check reviews online about service afterward) or a ‘male’ from Marktplaats. That’s why you see a lot more tips about buying a second-hand road bike. Yes, I have quite some experience with that.


A New

  • Do you get exactly what you have agreed?
  • Are all components present?
  • Do you get spare parts?
  • Can you get a discount on the spot for cycling clothing, a helmet or shoes (if you need it)?


B Secondhand

  • Was he not stolen?
  • Is it a merchant or a lover (not buying a cat in the bag)?
  • Is the frame broken or damaged? This is even more important with carbon
  • Is the color original?
  • You can have it checked by a specialist
  • Is there a frame number on the bike (at home you check in advance where it should be, often under the bottom bracket)
  • Is the purchase note still present
  • Can you take that purchase note with you?
  • Do you still have a guarantee
  • Does the guaranteed pass to a next owner (i.e. you)?
  • If not, can you claim warranty in the name of the seller (if so, put that in the contract)?
  • Are all parts original?
  • Of the non-original parts: is there an invoice (and also here: can you bring it for warranty)?
  • Are there maintenance notes?
  • How recent are those and …
  • What has been recently replaced/maintained?
  • If so, you can call that bicycle mechanic (reference is very important)
  • Can you bring the maintenance notes with you?
  • With wheels: do you get wheelbase?
  • Ask what you can arrange together if something should turn out to be wrong within the short term (e.g. month) (e.g. tear in the frame) and also record this in the contract.
  • Always make a purchase agreement, also between 2 individuals (even if only for the police that you have not stolen the bike)
  • Do not go to a vendor with cash (robbery takes place), pay on the spot with a bank card, mobile or otherwise
  • Do not give your car key, they can take off with your car (this is more important if you do not meet someone at home)
  • For everything that was not clear in the advertisement and contacts: this is a reason to lower the price
  • The most important: be prepared to leave empty-handed: you are a buyer and have to drive and enjoy the bike for a long time!


Do not forget

What is often forgotten when buying a race bike is (also print this when you go somewhere):

  • Are all parts of it as the ad says?
  • Do everything well, take your time
  • Take expert if you are not experienced with it yourself


Watch out

What usually (secretly is taken off the road bike before the buyer stands on the sidewalk:

  • Trappers
  • Bottle cage (s) preferably you have two
  • And here too: carefully check whether you really get the Ultra pedals or secretly no 105 or otherwise
  • Saddlebag
  • Pump
  • Call
  • Tires (very bad put on)
  • Wheelset different from the appointment


Technical check

With the purchase, you must, of course, do a technical check. If you are not familiar with this, you can still read as much online as you want: an expert mechanic, bicycle mechanic, self-mechanic will always beat you in terms of knowledge and ‘things that go wrong’ and ‘whether this can be repaired’ plus what the costs. Best brands and models of road bikes available knowledge for you.


101 check

If you go alone then do this 101 check.

Go cycling

  • Bike and switch with all gears
  • Brake well in front and behind
  • On a quiet road, listen to all the creaks and beeps and examine them well
  • Bike with loose hands and see and feel if he does not deviate to one side, but be careful


To stand still:

  • Keep your bike upside down and check if the frame number looks good (no weird stickers over or removed from it, see sticker residues or scratches or pop rivets)
  • Take a good look if you do not see any tears, crazing, scratches, spraying or other strange things
  • Pay particular attention to the seams and dirt bikes, what do they want to mask
  • Let little bounce bike and listen to weird rattles etc
  • Hold handlebars and brake with the front brake and push the bike forwards and backward. Feels like granite (see below) you may not hear tapping or feel loose things
  • Hold the frame in the middle and let the handlebar move to one side by itself. This must go smoothly without noise. A worn ball head betrayal is often caused by sound and/or click/click feeling. (Cost recovery is at least 50 euros IF it can be repaired, with an integrated headset this is sometimes impossible and ‘do you have to learn to live with it’ or quickly turn around again)
  • Do this also on the other side
  • Hold the bicycle with one hand by the saddle and put a foot on the trapper on your side where you are standing. Push on that pedal and feel if the bike feels like granite. Again, this is very important and you do not want to feel any play. If it does not feel right at least the bottom bracket must be replaced (costs 50 euros minimum)
  • Let wheels roll by lifting one side
  • Push the wheels sideways and feel if there is no play (granite)
  • View how much the brake edges have been retracted. If there is really a dimple in the braking edge, then the wheels are pretty worn.
  • Feel if all spokes are tight
  • Check that the chain is not worn. You do this by pulling the chain from the outer gear (front). If the chain passes the outside of the teeth, the chain is gone.
  • Often the cassette is therefore no longer the latest. You want to see a cassette that is not ingrained at the point of application between the chain and gear surface. The cassette has to be turned, as it were, with the same appearance in both ways.
  • Check the screw bolts to ensure that no cracks have been done.
  • With lamb-turned screws, you will get a whole party at home when replacing or securing parts. Pay particular attention to the saddle screw. it will not be the first bike you have to dispose of because it is stuck or simply breaks down (unrepeatable often)
  • To listen to saddles in the saddle and/or seat post by pressing well everywhere
  • Brake discs must be quiet when you turn the wheels around. Road bikes with discs are the present and will remain in the future.


Granite test

When cycling is a rattle super annoying. Quiet driving in a group where your cycling of the best bike us makes noise gives you a guarantee for ‘nice’ comments. With me, everything has to be stuck and feel like granite, so the granite test. Everything must be fixed but what is fixed? The wheels, the steering wheel, and the bottom bracket have to be super smooth and well run without sound, but the rest must really be stuck.


What costs replacement parts?

  • New chain and sprockets cost just 100 euros from Shimano Ultegra (super good)
  • 2 new bicycle tires cost 70 euros (from Schwalbe or Continental or another A-brand)
  • Replaced ball head you already read: at least 50 euros IF it is possible
  • The replaced bottom bracket you also read at least 50 euros plus this and the above job you do not just ‘just yourself’ without proper tools and knowledge of it.


This is not all

This is not an exhaustive list, but I wanted to give you an overview if you dare to buy a second-hand road bike yourself. In my eyes, you really have to be willing to walk away if you have any doubts. This is your (future) hobby and a non-good bike makes it less fun, plus is a bad story on birthdays-



Often the costs of a new bicycle are overestimated. At an outlet or webshop, you can often buy a nice road bike with the same specifications as some second-hand bikes at great discounts. Especially if you count the costs of the maintenance afterward (often just 100 to 300 euros) plus the gasoline to drive up and down (several times).


After the purchase

After purchase, you naturally want to ‘make it yourself’ How do you do that?

  • Put freshly clean bar tape on it (costs 5 euros)
  • Put new tires on it
  • Put on new cassette and gears
  • Clean it very well


When negotiating

If you negotiate on the spot you can, of course, talk about price but also about accessories. You can probably use a spare wheelset or tire or helmet.


To buy

Buying a race bike is done on the basis of your budget, your preference in terms of brand and material (I would soon choose carbon with Shimano) and of course the appearance. These tips will hopefully help you to cycle around quickly!

The best cheap racing bikes that you can buy easily to ride fast! Reliable buying When buying online, reliability, speed and of course the best price is important. Compare the prices of our favorite shops that deliver fast, free and they really have in stock


Technical info

Shimano is a purveyor of almost all bicycle brands. For affordable bikes look at your own brand racing bikes and for the most expensive/chicest racing bikes for next year you will look at the experts of the professional teams such as-


Experience of Shane as a cyclist in our group:

“First of all, thank you for adding! And I hope you can help me;

I have been a fan of cycling for years and always enjoy it when I look at it. Unfortunately, I have never done anything with it, and then I made long trips on the normal men’s bike myself. For a while, it has started to do something with it!

I hope you can give me advice on purchasing the right bike and gear. I have already listed a few important questions and wishes for myself.

– It must be a bike that I can cycle on long distances. Probably rounds the 80km per day

– It does not necessarily have to be a bike that can climb well, climbing in myself, training is not bad either.

– I would like to be able to make some speed with it.

– In addition, the bike must also be able to withstand some rain. It will probably not always be dry.


I had already found this bike on the internet; I do not know whether it really is a good one. Because I am a beginner/rookie I thought that this would be a good one. Also in terms of price. Oh and appearance. Of course, you will buy one more thing with you: Best bike repair kits because, in the absence of it, you may be bothered by breaking the dream journey.


I hope, by the way, that I have not asked too strange questions.

Additional words – When we think to buy a road bike and need to get more knowledge about a road bike, then we searched online results and we can follow the continuation of the following. But I think it is not necessary if we try to understand the best bike us-

-Best road bikes

-Road bike buying guide 2018

-Road bikes cheap

-Specialized road bikes

-Best road bikes

-Road bike sale

-How to buy a road bike for beginners

-Used road bike for sale

-Buy a road bike from best bike us


Thanks in advance and a nice evening! “

Ward: In general, it is very decent cycling at a good price. Like this too; all with carbon fork and Shimano 105 seems more than fine to cycle every day. Make sure you have a good saddle.

I have been satisfied with my ‘sense’ for 2 years.

Jolanda: Fine bike, I have it too! Do have a mountain move on it. Success

Shane himself: Top! I have also heard more people about it. I myself will not be climbing soon, most likely a bridge a couple of times. Is it then also used to have it mounted?

Jolanda: No then it is not necessary.


A little later…

Shane itself: I thought it would be nice to give an update on how it stands: In recent times I have been to several bike shops with tips from you and others in my mind. I have bought clothing from Castell, which I am very satisfied with and it is also really good.

I tried/tested several bikes including the bikes from Sense, Ridley, and a few other brands.

In the end, it turned out that these were not the right bikes because I could not really ride on them and the fitting is not suitable for what I want. And then that luxury problem that the color of the bikes did not suit me at all.

After a little while, I finally found my dream bike and I was sold after 1 ride. And I opted for the Trek Emonda of carbon and Ultra assembly. What a beast! After a week with the “Nightrider”, I have already finished 237km and hope of course on many tours! Thank you very much for the tips I received from you, this certainly helped in the choice of the bike!

Peter: Nice bike man! Have fun with it

Ellen: Congratulations on your beautiful purchase! Good that you have tried different bikes/brands! I wish you lots of safe kilometers and cycling pleasure on your new ride!!

Dick: Beautiful bike and good clothing choice!

Wish you many nice and safe kilometers.

Peter: This is indeed a VERY nice purchase


Choose your own custom road bike

The bike you always saw before you but never been for sale. The basis is an excellent frame; everything else is determined by you. Frame design, groups, saddle, and handlebars. On the basis of your wishes, you will be advised and we will put together a unique bike for you. Completely customized, but then at an affordable price.

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