Best road bike fashion for cycling styles

Best road bike fashion for cycling styles

A bicycle gives you incomparable freedom cycling styles and everyone uses it at their discretion. You can just ride around the city, and you can conquer all the faces and stairs. For more than twenty years of mountain bike history, a variety of riding styles have been formed, and, of course, we must not forget about the highway.

The following is a brief description of riding styles that will help you determine the type of your future bike from Giant.

Cross Country (XC)

One of the most popular styles of skiing – includes everything: forest trails with roots, dirt roads, descents, and ascents. A cross-country bike is a lightweight hard tail or full suspension with a rear suspension stroke of up to 105 mm. On this bike, you can go on a country trip, drive in the park with friends, go on a multi-day hike, or just lose weight. And you can try yourself in competitions that are held in the summer almost every weekend and year after year attract more and more participants.

When you are fit and with a Giant bike, any path will give you great pleasure, every turn takes place on the verge of the possible. Cross country is speed and endurance, elegance and technicality. This is an incomparable sensation that you can experience standing at the start with hundreds or two of the same bikers as you.

Highway (Road)

No matter what they say, and in the whole cycling World, road racing is the most popular. Grand Tours such as the Gyro, the Volta, and, of course, the Tour de France gather millions of viewers. Riders are truly worldwide. A road bike is always the most advanced technology, only on it, you can understand what is Speed, Speed precisely with a capital letter! Such a sensation will not provide any more bike … It just needs to try.

Downhill (DH)

Downhill on a bicycle Just down. High speed, sharp turns, spans, technical areas, constantly changing coverage – it’s all downhill. The modern DH bike is a heavy two-suspension with a large front and rear suspension, a double-crown fork, a wide curved steering wheel, and thick tires.

Free ride (FR)

The concept of free ride is multifaceted – it can be either descent from the mountain along an unexplored route, or some north shore that was erected in a nearby forest, or a five-meter drop and maybe a technical janitor in the park. All that you can afford on a bike is a free ride. And for each, he is his own.

Street (Street)

Your city! There are no restrictions here … Railings, edges, stairs – you can show yourself at everything and look at others! Go for it. The most suitable bike for the straight is a hard tail of a small size with an average course of the suspension fork.

4Cross (4X)

The track, the passage of which takes about a minute, is littered with springboards and counter-slopes. Four riders and contact fight. The winner is the one who first overcomes all obstacles. Not only your equipment is important, but also physical training. A powerful start is half the battle. Competitions in 4X (bikerkross) are among the most spectacular in MTV. Here you need either a powerful hard tail of a small size or a two-suspension with a rear suspension of 100-130 millimeters.

Trial (Trial)

The most technical discipline in cycling. There is no need to chase anywhere. The track, littered with obstacles that are difficult to overcome even on foot, will not allow you to do this. The score goes to points. To win, you need to overcome all obstacles without getting off the bike, but for this, you need to really try. You are ready?


Rapidly gaining momentum discipline. Jumping on a specially built springboard with various tricks. Very beautiful and spectacular! A bike for dirt is still the same powerful hard tail of a small size, now there is a tendency to maximally simplify such bikes; they take off the front brake, speed switches, in general, everything that can prevent you from doing the best trick.

Trail (Trail)

A very popular word now. This is cycling styles is a mix of free ride jumps, single tracks and long, fast country routes. A modern trail bike can look like an extremely reinforced country dvuhpodvesu with increased suspension moves, or as a lightweight free ride monster, from which shaved off excess weight and removed a few centimeters of plush progress, leaving 100-150 millimeters.

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