24 Important tips for buying a road bike

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What should I pay attention to when buying a new road bike? That is a frequently asked question for people who buy a road bike and need the best bike us. That is why we have written an article that is as complete as possible about all facets of buying a road bike. What do you know about the importance of a good crank length; when its racing bikes are on offer and how do you calculate the correct frame size for your racing bike? All questions that we deal with in this article. Have fun with your new bike!

1- What are you going to use the racing bike for?

Do you want to make long trips? Are you going to bike in the mountains? Do you want to cycle competitions? Do you use the road bike for commuting? Ask yourself well in advance what you want to use the race bike so that the bike you buy ultimately meets your needs.

2- What kind of racing bike are you going to buy?

Also an important choice. A second-hand bike can be very good and for your budget, you can certainly buy a better bike than a new bike. The disadvantage is that you have to (be able to) check everything yourself. I always find a second-hand bike through Marketplace tricky. Questions you can ask the current owner and things you can check are:

– How many kilometers have been driven?

– When was the last service?

– If it is a carbon bike, then very badly check the frame for damage.

– Make sure you never look alone but take someone with you. With two you always see more than one.

– Look at the gears. Are they already pretty worn? Then they will probably have to be replaced soon and that is a precious joke

As I said, I find it tricky to buy a second-hand bike from a private individual. Take a look at the occasions at your bike shop or bicycle shops in your area. These road bikes have just had a big turn, has new parts and sometimes you even get one or more months warranty. In addition, you know that a bicycle repair shop does not sell garbage, so you can rely on it that the bike is good.

A new bike is, of course, the absolute preference, here you know 100% sure that your bike comes straight from the factory. You get a guarantee on the frame and often get the first major maintenance service from the bicycle mechanic for free. The price of a new bike is, however, somewhat higher than a second-hand bike of course.

3- Determine your budget

Not unimportant. What do you want to spend on your bike? You already have an excellent entry model under +/- € 750 but you can make it as crazy as you want if you really have too much money you can buy a bike where the pros on bikes, which cost more than € 15,000. Always keep your budget in mind when making choices for your bike. Make sure that the quality of your bike stays in proportion. For example, you can choose a very expensive frame and then put a cheap group and wheels under it. The quality of the frame then falls short of the rest of the parts. If you buy a Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano and best experience to your cycling mission.

4- Take a good look at where you want to buy your racing bike

If you buy a road bike in the store, you buy from a person of flesh and blood. They can give you advice, help you to measure and help you with practical questions about the bicycle and the choices you have to make.

If you think you know what you need, you can buy a road bike via the internet. This can save you a lot of money; on an average road bike with parts, you can save hundreds of euros when compared to the local bike shop if you buy smartly. Keep in mind that you have to tinker everything yourself, the warranty is more difficult to arrange and the delivery time of a bicycle can take longer.

For example, consider the racing bikes at the best bike us is the best cycling.

5- Carbon or other material?

A carbon bike is the lightest material. This is particularly advantageous if you want to go cycling in the hills or in the mountains. The biggest advantage of the material is that it is so light, there is a golden maxim that reads ‘The lighter your bike, the more expensive it becomes’. If you feel that your most weight savings can be achieved on your own body, it might be wise to choose an aluminum or steel frame. These are some swords but are generally more stable and a lot more durable.

6- Which bicycle brand suits you best?

Did you know that Italian brands are for partners? And that a Trek is the equivalent of a Toyota? As a beginner, you will probably not realize it, but the connoisseurs who have been touring in platoons and on the roads for years have an eye for it. Read the article here with the friends of Het is Koers about which brands say something about the owner and on that basis choose how you want to be seen on your new road bike.

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7- Choose a store

Buying a racing bike can take a lot of time, and time is something that we often do not have much of. Preferably you want to sit on your new road bike the same day. To save time, you could limit your choice by choosing one bike store where you will buy your bike. You can assume that every bicycle shop in the Netherlands sells good road bikes and can give you good advice. With a little bit of research, you can find a good racing bike dealer in your area.

8- The size of your new road bike

A correct frame size ensures that you sit on the bike and prevents injuries. The frame size is based on the inseam and you determine as follows: Put your feet apart by 15 cm. Then measure the length of your heel up to your crotch and multiply the result by 0.68 and round this down. This is the size bike that suits you best. With a 79 cm inseam, a frame size of 79 times 0.68 is 53.72. Your frame size is then rounded down 53.

If you know about child cycling and get more knowledge: Safe on the Road – Children on the Bike


9- When are racing bikes on sale?

The best time to buying a road bike is autumn between October and January. At that time, wheel dealers have to get rid of their stock of ‘old models’ and private individuals are clearing their attic at that moment and discover that they have not been on the bike for another season. With good tracking, you can get a nice deal on the head. The big disadvantage is that you have to wait all year and you have to postpone your cycling adventures until the end of the season.

10- Campanology, Shimano or SRAM?

Roughly speaking, there are three brands of groups. A group consists of all moving parts of the road bike; this means the chain, derailleur, the brake and the entire shift system. You have different types of each brand and to make it easy I have made the overview below per brand.

Switching groups

Keep in mind that most bike manufacturers around the world generally have Shimano in stock. Campanology is generally also well-available, but if you choose an SRAM group, think carefully about what happens if you get bad luck on the road. SRAM parts are 1-on-1 interchangeable with Shimano, but if you consciously choose SRAM, you naturally want the most original parts of your bike.

11- Compact, a double or a triple?

‘A triplet is for a sissy’ is a famous statement among cyclists. The truth is, however, that most road bikes are sold with three cover pages. With that extra cover sheet, you can just easily climb the hills and mountains. Many cyclists take their bikes on holiday to countries where the country is not as flat as a dime. Do you want to cycle in the mountains or the hills and you are not very well trained (or do not feel like walking the risk of getting too heavy)? Then take a triple.

I would only recommend the classic double if you drive on the flat. With 39/52 or 39/53 before and an 11-25 cassette behind you can do very well in the Netherlands and Belgium. And if that does not work, the (temporary) adjustment of the cassette, for example to 11-28 or 12-30, is a possible option. If you go into the mountains with a traditional double, you really need a very good condition. If you do not have enough confidence, I advise you to opt for a triple or a compact.

A compact crankset is a variant of the classic crankset with two chainrings in which the advantages of the triple and the classic double have been combined. The smallest chainring is smaller than with the classic double. The combination 34/50 is the most common. But if you drive a lot on the flat you can also choose 34/52.

12- Electric switching?

If you want to be sure that your derailleur is not over and that you are in your correct resistance within 0.02 seconds then electronic switching is probably for you. In addition, your wallet must be well filled, because at the moment it is only possible in combination with the groups from the top segment of Shimano and Campanology. At Shimano, it is called Di2 and at Campanology EPS. SRAM is developing a group where you can not only switch electronically but also wirelessly. This is still future music, but there will be a lot of developments in this area in the coming years.

13- The choice of your wheels

The choice of your wheels is just as important as the choice of your frame and the choice of your groupset. A good set of wheels can really make you go faster. This is mainly due to the fact that good (read expensive) wheels can transfer the strength that you deliver with your legs to resistance on the road. This allows you to cycle faster with the same force. This has to do with stiffness and aerodynamics, among other things.

Another aspect that influences the number of spokes in the wheel. Generally applies; the fewer spokes the better. But do not forget to take your weight into account. If you are heavier you need more spokes to distribute your weight over the different spokes. They catch the blows you give by driving over bumps, buying the very lightest set of wheels if you weigh almost 100 kg is not recommended.

14- The tire choice

Make sure you put good tires on your wheels. I give here very short and clear tip, there is only one brand and type that is generally considered the best tires for your road bike: The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II.

15- Determine the length of your stem

It is a small part, but to have the ideal posture on the bike there are different lengths of the steering tip. For example, if you have a long upper body in relation to the length of your legs, it is wise to fit a longer stem so that you are in a good position when cycling.

16- Which type of saddle suits do you best?

If you put a wrong saddle on your bike, it could be that the nerves and tendons around the sit bones are overloaded. This can pinch them and that causes saddle pain. The position of the saddle is also important so that you are sitting exactly on the two sit bones, so the pressure is in the right place. With a good saddle, you are guaranteed to cycle without saddle pain. How long the ride will take! Which saddle you need, other has to do with the distance between the two sitting bones. These are the two lower bones of the pelvis. You can do a saddle measurement with your bicycle mechanic that clearly shows this. It is always custom-made, so do not skip the advice your bicycle mechanic can give you good advice on which saddle suits you best.

17- Determine your crank length

The crank length is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the heart of the pedal axle. After the saddle, it is the most underestimated aspect to be able to cycle well. The crank length is very important, because it, together with the pedaling frequency, determines how much effort it takes to speed up. The correct crank length can, therefore, make a lot of difference in bicycle performance and buying a road bike. The inseam length is important for the determination of the crank length.

18- Bike computer. Measuring knows

The nice thing about cycling and cycling is that you are responsible for your performance yourself and can, therefore, ensure that you get better. As with a team sport, you depend on the performance of others. With a good cycling computer, you can keep track of your progress perfectly and best bike us a great cycling. You can opt for a bike computer without a GPS or a bike computer with GPS. The advantage of a cycling computer with GPS is that you can upload the files you record to sites such as Starve where you can view your progress even better. You can make it as crazy as you want, with heart rate monitors, cadence meters, and possibly even wattmeters, a real data freak can indulge.

19- Do not forget to buy a helmet

Without a helmet, you are just about the biggest loser in the whole country. So do not be stupid to ride without a helmet.

If you do not have a helmet yet, buy one right now!


20- The importance of color

You can radiate a lot with the color of your racing bike. Are you going for chic matt black, fluorescent yellow, white (hard to keep clean)? Does the color of the bike match your cycling clothing? In short enough things to keep in mind if you want to find the color of your best bike us-

21- Choose your pedals

Road bike pedals with plates are now indispensable in the current cycling world. Did you ever see a lost cyclist with toe clips in the past; nowadays there is a pedal for every cyclist and every use? The two most popular click systems for racing bike pedals are Look and SPD SL. These two click pedals do not differ much from each other and it makes little difference which you choose in my eyes. However, you can choose between different cleats with more or less grip, so that you do not slip on the way to the bar during the coffee stop.

22- Make sure you look good!

Now you have bought a fantastic bike. Then make sure that you also look a bit sated yourself by scoring a nice cycling outfit.

For example, you can buy beautiful and affordable cycling clothing at best bike us for your cycling-


23- Take a test drive!

The bike ordered, the bicycle repairman has assembled it to your measurements and he is ready to be picked up. Then first make a test drive, that is not just a back and forth over the parking lot but a round of at least 15 kilometers. After a good test drive, you can indicate what you want to adjust. Is your saddle too low? Is your derailleur not properly adjusted? You can immediately have all those small details corrected after a good test drive. Most bicycle makers, incidentally, do not mind if you come with these questions in the course of the week after purchase.

24- Do not forget your maintenance kit!

Now that you have your new bike in your own barn, you will of course immediately make a lot of mileage. But make sure you keep your new love well. Do not forget to purchase a cleaning kit and a maintenance kit for your chain.

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