Best Bike us- Road Bike

Best Bike us- Road Bike

Best Road Bike is safe your life

With the wide variety of sizes and models available in the market, choosing a road bike may not be as simple a mission as it looks, even for more experienced cyclists of best bike us. So when it comes to buying your first bike or swapping yours for a newer model, you have to take into account some important details so you do not make mistakes when selecting your road mate. Check out some tips on how to choose a road bike:

Take your measurements

The first step is to know which bike size is right for you. For this, you need to know your height and the measure of your horse, which is the distance from the ground to the middle of the legs, positioned vertically and parallel.

Horse (cm) Size of the bike Height (cm)

75 50 152 – 160

76 51 162 – 167

77 52 162 – 167

78 52 162 – 167

79 53 170 – 175

80 54 170 – 175

81 54 170 – 175

82 55 177 – 180

83 56 177 – 180

84 56 177 – 180

85 57 177 – 180

86 58 182 – 187

87 58 182 – 187

88 59 182 – 187

89 60 + 190

90 62 + 190


Your objective

Among the models of road bikes, there are those developed for performance, as well as those that privilege more comfort. So before you choose, take into account your goal in the sport. Competitive bikes have the most aggressive geometry, leaving the rider’s body in a more aerodynamic, uncomfortable position. Endurance bikes, on the other hand, allow for a more comfortable and adequate position at longer distances or quieter pedals.


Ideal combination

Because of the lightness and greater impact absorption, bicycles with frames made of carbon fiber tend to be more expensive. But today there are also excellent options in aluminum, which in most cases also have a carbon fork, providing lower weight and greater comfort. Now, if the soul of the bike is the frame, surely the wheels are your heart. Therefore, give preference to models with an efficient frame and light wheels. If in doubt between two models, choose the one with the best pair of wheels.

Vilano Aluminum best Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano



Currently, there are three major manufacturers of gearboxes and brakes (groups): Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo. They all perform well and are quite reliable. However, Shimano and Sram are the most common in the domestic market and are available in all price ranges, while Campagnolo is more focused on medium and high-end models.



Today, many bicycle brands have their prices tabulated, so that the variation from one store to another is little or even nonexistent. Therefore, as important as the bike is knowing how to choose the store. In addition to service, payment conditions, the price of accessories and quality of the workshop, remember that it is the shopkeeper who will contact the manufacturer in case of problems.