What is the correct saddle?

correct saddle

The correct saddle is known to necessary is the best bike us are most valuable to cycling-

Cycling is a sport in the correct saddle which the athlete connects to the bicycle in three points: handlebars (hands), saddle (gluteal) and feet (pedals). The perfect correct saddle fit the best bike us between these three points allows variations in lengths and angles.

Correct saddle

Many people attribute the fact that they have not adapted to cycling because they feel severe pain in the gluteus, knee, numbness in the feet and hands, discomfort in the region of the spine, neck and lumbar, among others. These pains are mostly related to poor cyclist adjustment to the bike, or to an incorrect choice of components.

Among these components, the saddle is associated with a huge range of complaints regarding discomfort or discomfort. Currently, the market offers a huge variety of sizes, lengths, widths, formats, materials (gel, foam, etc.) and thus it is even more difficult to know which the best option is.

When the saddle is maladjusted or inadequate, the distribution of the weight between the three points (handlebars, saddles and pedals) tends to be inharmonious, since due to the inconvenience in the gluteal region, the cyclist applies more force on the handlebars and the pedals to relieve the discomfort of the correct saddle, thus causing numbness in the hands and feet.

But remember that the choice of saddle is personalized. It is not because you saw someone pedaling to best bike us certain model or your pedal companion uses “such” model and feels no nuisance that this saddle will suit you. Therefore, the suggestion is to work this choice together with a Fitter (professional in Bike Fit). A good Bike Fit studio provides clients with a bench with different formats so that after the evaluation of the athlete he can test the model indicated before buying it.


When choosing the ideal saddle you have to take into account some aspects:


In each mode, the cyclist takes different positions. For example, in a triathlon or counter-clock bike, cyclists tend to assume positions with smaller angles of trunk curvature in relation to the ground, practically lying on the bike, so they must use completely different saddles from the athletes who ride on a mountain bike, since these have a different geometry, in which the steering box is higher, causing the athlete to pedal with the highest trunk. Based on these differences, speed/road, triathlon/time trial, mountain bike or recreational / leisure saddles have particularities that must be respected.

Distance from the Ischia

This point is of fundamental importance for the correct choice. With appropriate equipment, the distance between tuberosities of the ischium is measured to determine the correct width of the saddle.

Bending degree- The less bending the rider has the less bent his trunk can be positioned on the bike. In the same way, the more flexion the rider has, the more his trunk can be tilted, assuming high-performance postures. Thus, it is possible to vary between flat and narrow saddle, for the more flexible ones, to the saddles more curved laterally and soft in the central part, to relieve the pressure in the genital region of the less flexible ones. At this point, great care must be taken, since, unlike many people believe, very soft saddles with inadequate material tend to give way over time, increasing the pressure in the region of the perineum.

Abdominal Circumference

Although many claims that being thin or fat does not interfere with the choice of a correct saddle, one should take into account that the greater the waist circumference, the greater the difficulty of leaning over the bike.

Woman- Nine out of ten women complain about the saddle when they enter the Bike Fit Studio. This is due to the fact that virtually all of them use a men’s saddle. Although the vast majority does not know, there are differences between saddle for men and women.

Women have a “hip” wider than men, thus presenting more distal ischia tuberosities and consequently, their saddles will be wider. Another factor to be taken into consideration is that their hip swivel is larger, so the distance between the saddle tip to its base is smaller and softer in the contact portion with the genital region.

Wear leash saddle or not?

Although there are no scientific studies proving the relationship between cycling and urological problems, this fear always hangs over the heads of cyclists and best bike us. With this, some models are leaked in the portion of contact with the perineum. These models of male saddles, when used by women, further aggravate discomfort due to anatomical differences between men and women.

The importance of knowing the correct saddle is very much but, the Physical preparation for our great trip for bike is not less-

Leaked saddles relieve the pressure in the perineum region, but when they do not have the technology and material to do so, they give way easily, becoming bent and, instead of relieving the pressure, they increase it. On the other hand, some “non-cast” models are fabricated with material and technology that provide relief of pressure in the perineum region as or more efficiently than castings.

The truth is that the proper correct saddle in proper positioning will not offer any discomfort.

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