Planning X Time to ride


Planning X Time to ride is more of flexible to the rider mission that is the best bike us of Bicycle-

Planning ride the best bike us and Passionate about cycling that I am, I usually emphasize the advantages of a bicycle trip. However, I must be Planning x time to ride recognize that traveling at a natural speed.

That is, at a speed where we can absorb all the nuances of the world around us, we need more time than when we use a motor vehicle. The more restricted the time, the greater the need to plan. The cyclist can only plan his trip well with quality information, which is rare.

Planning X Time to ride

More than knowing how many kilometers there are between one city and another, it is important to know their physical capacities, the altimetry profile of the road, pavement, points of supply, etc. So much information can usually only be found in specialized cycling guides, or in some established cycling tours.

Those who intend to travel by bicycle should train before using a well-calibrated odometer, because only then will you know, with certainty, their daily displacement capacities. If you do not have quality information about the course you plan to do, plan accordingly: save energy for the end of the day and for the next day, carry water and spare food. Always think that your daily training usually takes place in ideal conditions, which do not correspond to the reality of a trip with all the equipment on the bike. On longer journeys, when the excitement of the first few days passes, and as long as the excitement does not arrive at the realization of the trip, a discouragement can be easily cured with a day of rest. Time to ride before buying guide

On trips of more than a week, count at least one day off for every five pedal, after all, even a horse who works in the field needs some time off every four or five of hard work. Even if you take your pedal in balance, and you’re not that tired, the day off is meant to be filled by the unforeseen event that must happen on a bicycle trip.

On my return to the world I never had quality information; in any case, he was following an annual Planning because he knew he should avoid getting caught in winter at high altitudes or latitudes or reach a region early in the rainy season. There was also a monthly schedule that weighed heavily on the visa dates of the countries where they were, and who was to enter and/or where they could get them. My calculation of displacement was around 2,000 km per month, depending on the relief of the region and the attractions I wanted to see the best bike us. We need to know that, Why is it worth to ride a bike?

In this way, it made the day-to-day life flexible enough to absorb the numerous implausible variants that go beyond the altimetry profile and technical data: rain, snow, wind, mechanical problems or simply the morning’s dismay after a bad night’s sleep. When I say that the unforeseen must happen, it is not only a real probability of fatalism, because the unforeseen is not always negative.


Imagine an ideal day … Path admittedly flat, with good asphalt, pleasant temperature, favorable wind. You wake up willing and planning for the day is to do about 100 km in seven hours, 15 km / h, passing through cities A, B and C. So, pedal for more than an hour until you make your first rest stop. At his side sits a nice gentleman, who begins to tell beautiful and interesting stories of the region.

Keep Pedaling

After five minutes, should you keep pedaling to keep up with your schedule or continue the conversation? What is the purpose of a trip? Where is the goal: to get to the city C or live, live and learn from the region? Whenever I talk about planning in cycling, I emphasize that everything is very simple although it is not easy. The cyclist can use his energy to live the journey and not simply execute a travel plan.

This flexibility is only possible in time. We all have 24 hours of time per day, and even then, the time has been considered the most expensive of modern man. So when planning a bike trip, be generous with yourself and give yourself what you already own – the time it takes to live the intensity of a bike trip.

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