Is riding a bike safe during pregnancy?

Is riding a bike safe during pregnancy

“Are you still riding a bike?” or is riding a bike safe during pregnancy Friends and relatives nervously ask. They can be understood – they just care about my well-being. I expect my first child in six weeks, but I don’t consider it a reason to stop cycling, because I feel good. I basically refused the car, making a choice in favor of the bike, and I ride it so much that I cannot imagine parting with it without a very good reason. Do I feel responsible when using the bike during pregnancy? Of course!

Cycling during pregnancy

I talked to mothers who rode a bicycle during pregnancy, and their experience – positive in most cases – convinced me that the expectant mother should not be afraid of cycling at any stage of pregnancy, provided she feels well.

Becky Field, a therapist from York, believes that pregnant women are often unreasonably forbidden to actively move:

“I recommend women to listen to their well-being. My midwife told me about a woman whose water had withdrawn, and she went by bicycle to the hospital. However, she forgot some basic necessities at home, so she had to drive three more miles back home to pick them up. The woman claims that the rhythmic rotation of the pedals has moved her from the first stage of labor.”

Regular exercise, such as cycling, develops the stamina necessary for normal childbirth. Perhaps only swimming and yoga can be better, but you still have to somehow get to the pool or gym.

Research data presented by Professor Jean Rankin from the University of Paisley, indicate that exercise has a positive effect on the course of pregnancy. Nevertheless, you should not begin to engage in a new sport that strains or stretches new muscle groups. Remember, too, that pregnancy affects thought processes and mental sobriety: your ability to concentrate and short-term memory decreases, which can affect your decisions.

Riding a bike safe during pregnancy are best cycling tips may be helping you – 24 things you should not forget if you ride a bicycle alone

Cycling increases the strength of the legs and muscles of the pelvis, develops hip joints. All this contributes to easier and less painful childbirth. Cycling also improves heart function and increases breathing rate, which will be important when the biggest muscle in the female body, the uterus, starts working hard. In addition, cycling strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles and reduces the risk of stretch is riding a bike safe during pregnancy marks and obesity.

Benefit for health

A new creature inside you requires a lot of energy, exhausts you. My advice: move less. Movement is a means, not a goal. Transport will allow getting to work, clinics, and places of rest. Why, if necessary, do not use the telephone, e-mail, home delivery service or ask others to fulfill your instructions, even for money? This will allow caring out free time for those who do not interfere once again a little nap!

Riding a bicycle faster than walking, and energy is five times less. Sea Sayers, the mother of four children, did not have a bicycle in her first pregnancy, but during the next three pregnancies she rode a bicycle and confirms that it is much easier than walking everywhere.

In the first place in the list of complaints of future mothers – varicose veins and swollen legs. Cycling reduces the load on your legs, which now do not need to move greatly increased body weight, and therefore helps to avoid the above problems.

In addition, if you have suitable bags, baskets or a trailer, it will be much easier for you to transport your belongings. Especially convenient to ride a bike on the bike.

Pedestrians and cyclists get three times less toxic emissions than those in the car. If you are asthmatic, it will be much easier for you to breathe outside than inside the vehicle.

Driving positions

Additional weight (in my case – more than 20% of body weight) makes some women suffer from sciatica and back pain because the back is trying to balance this load. A vertical ride on city or some folding bikes is better than a forward or mountain bike position.

Sarah Robin from York notes:

“For the first four months I used a low wheel, and then I was forced to transfer to a light bike with a vertical fit. I would recommend women to choose bikes with a comfortable, wide, elastic saddle. Women’s saddles with a hole in the middle are now available to reduce chafing in intimate places and improve ventilation.”

Obviously, getting on a bike with an open female frame or a folding bike is easier than carrying a leg through a tall men’s frame. Maybe it makes sense to set the seat below to make it easier for you to sit and stand.

Anxiety about the safety of the unborn child is riding a bike safe during pregnancy? and emotional sensitivity increases during pregnancy. It is obvious that the bike of the future mother should be in good technical condition, and her bright colored clothes – clearly visible from afar.   

You may have to change the route of your regular trips. For example, I started to go to yoga classes rather early on a much longer way than before, in order to avoid lifting my bike along the steps.

When to stop

During pregnancy, you may feel unwell and physically weak. If so, cycling may not be appropriate. However, during both of her pregnancies, Sarah Robin rode a bicycle until the contractions began. Jane Hens haw from Castlcury also went to the hospital on her bicycle. Sea Sayers rode her bike even the day after the start of labor. All her children were late, but completely healthy. Be prepared for the fact that in the second and third trimesters you will drive slower and harder to breathe. Listen to your body and choose when to stop cycling. And maybe not stop at all?

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