How to teach a child to ride a bike – 10 steps

How to teach a child to ride a bike – 10 steps

Many of us do not know how to teach a child to ride a bike? Teaching a child to ride a bike is no easy task. On the one hand, this is a small step on the path to independence, but on the other hand, it is an unforgettable minute and invaluable experience for both of you. How to teach a child to ride a bike? 10 steps will help in this, with the observance of which the training will be fun and, most importantly, safe. You can start to engage in and on the runner, later replacing it with a two-wheeled children’s bicycle.

How to ride a bike step by step?

Step 1- Remove the extra wheels on the bike and lower the seat so that, while sitting on it, the child can reach the ground with his feet.

Step 2- Find a non-steep grassy slope about 30 meters long. It is desirable that it either ends in a flat area or slightly rises.

Step 3- Put the bicycle helmet on the child.

Step 4- Take a walk up the slope about halfway. At the same time let the child sit on a bicycle, but his legs should be on the ground.

Step 5- Make sure the child is as relaxed as possible. Explain that it will be much easier for him if he looks ahead, not down.

Step 6- Tell the child to go down the slope without pedaling. Remind him that if he gets scared, he can lower his legs to the ground in order to slow down.

Step 7- Repeat steps 4 to 6 until the child reaches the foot of the hill without putting his feet on the ground.

Step 8- Let the children on the bike put his feet on the pedals and come down from the hill, but again without pedaling.

Step 9- After several descents let the child try to move out and pedal at this time.

Step 10- Raise the saddle and let the child drive on a flat stretch of road. Let him try to accelerate, brake, turn.

Useful tips

Give your child some time. Do not hold him on a bicycle – let him feel the balance himself. It is better to stay and secure the fall from the back, as you will only distract from the side.

Sometimes there are failures, and be prepared for this. Also, be prepared to console and support.

Depending on the nature, the child can learn to ride in a couple of minutes or a couple of days. If it fails today, return to the bike tomorrow.

Learning process

The learning process should bring the child and parent together, but not burden. The child will always be happy to remember these moments and will be grateful that you helped him become a little more mature.

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