How to ride a bike around the city: How to ride the streets?

ride a bike around the city

The main theme is How to ride a bike around the city: How to ride the streets? Driving on the streets, in normal traffic is not difficult at all. It is, however, worth knowing a few universal rules and tricks the best bike us that help you reach your destination safely.


What to know at the beginning

Already at the outset, you have to clear up a few things – first of all, you have to make it clear that riding a road in many cases is obligatory for a cyclist. This is absolutely no malice to cyclists, or more so to drivers. The bike is a vehicle and the place of vehicles is on the road. If bikes have not been marked out for cycling (about bicycle routes and how to use them, it was written HERE), you should drive in the so-called “general movement”, means exactly like cars.


Riding a bicycle

The second issue best bike us is the myth that riding a bicycle on a roadway is a feat, a danger or an extreme sport. This is of course not true, and people who preach such theories are usually people not riding bicycles at all, or using them occasionally, eg on weekends. These people, often the police and other reputable institutions, are similar to a sixteen-year-old man telling about the intricacies of motherhood. With all due respect – I prefer to believe practitioners’ opinions. For details Checklist for bike tours are available to bike around the city-

The third thing to know is that the streets are very diverse. In other words, it goes along a one-way street in the city center, otherwise a two-lane city artery with 6 lanes, or a street between single-family houses, or else a similar-looking alley in another part of the city. That is why in this part of the guide we will talk about things that are quite general, often trivial for people who travel on roads every day. We will get into the details of the behavior on different types of roads in the following parts of the guide)


Drive confidently

The basis is to move in a predictable and reliable way on the road. It is a cliché to say that one should not go “snake’s trail”, but in practice, it is different for beginners.

If you are just starting to ride a bike around the city, before the first trip to the street, you should practice watching yourself through the left frame and signaling maneuvers (also simultaneous). When you turn your back or pull your hand to the side, we must be able to maintain the right direction. Beginners sometimes have problems, especially when the wind is blowing or the road is uneven. Therefore, it is best to practice just when the weather is windy and on roads with poor road surface (and little car traffic).


Do not drive near the curb

Do not drive a bicycle on the road at the curb. There are usually unevenness, holes, and wells on which you can damage the wheel or fall over. Driving too close to the edge of the road also makes us unpredictable when we begin to avoid these inequalities. It is much safer to drive straight, at a slightly greater distance from the curb, than to suddenly turn the drivers under the wheels to avoid a hole.

The most dangerous, however, is the fact that when driving near the curb, we encourage drivers to overtake us without keeping a safe distance, which is the same lane. It is not difficult to catch the mirror with the mirror, even when the cyclist and the driver try not to do it, which is why it is better to drive a bit further from the curb and thereby force the belt to change and maintain a safe distance. Driving along the edge of the road, we also prevent ourselves from being able to escape to the right when the driver ahead of us makes a mistake.



Driving too close to the curb, we are also less visible to cars – especially for cars that turn into traffic from the parking spaces on the right. We are also exposing ourselves to collisions with cars that are parked parallel to the roadways and opened by the drivers.

Let’s also remember that the right allows cyclists to ride the center of the lane when the lane allows driving in several directions at once. This recipe introduced in 2011 allows you to ride the middle of the strip before crossroads, at intersections, and on most roundabouts. It prevents situations in which a cyclist who drives a car drives straight ahead, whose driver decided to turn right (or left) during or immediately after an illegal overtaking maneuver. Therefore, in this situation, especially at the roundabout, it is worth going to the middle of the runway.


Sign maneuvers

Predictability of driving also applies, of course, to the early and clear signaling of maneuvers, which – let us remind you – is carried out by extending your hand in the direction in which you are going to turn (or change the belt).

It is important that the maneuver is signaled early enough – not at the moment of belt change or turning, and at the moment when we are just about to do it. Recall – the law says about the need to signal the intention to perform a maneuver, rather than waving goodbye to drivers when it is already turning.



At the very moment of making a turn or ride a bike around the city, especially on a slippery road, both hands should be better on the steering wheel. Yes, it is not entirely legal and may slightly confuse the driver behind us (he may think we have given up the maneuver) – but it makes it easier to control the bike and not get kicked out if one of the wheels starts to slip.

Let’s also remember that before making a turn or changing the lane to the left, always make sure that you do not drive a road. The mere signaling of the willingness to perform the maneuver does not give us a priority.


Do not panic when you make a mistake

In novice people who are just starting to ride on the road best bike us, there are also dangerous attacks of fear. Most often they take place at large intersections when the cyclist suddenly realizes that he made a mistake.

Experience shows that in such a situation it is usually better to finish even incorrectly performed a maneuver in a confident and predictable way, than to panic, interrupt it in the middle and suddenly change the intentions. The driver can expect to finish the maneuver – stop it and stop abruptly in the middle of the intersection – no.


Do not drive in while the car is flashing

It is a cliché, but when the car signals a desire to turn or change the lane to the right, we do not drive up to the right. We are not overtaking or passing it by. Similarly, with the left turn signal turned on and overtaking or overtaking from the left.

It is worth knowing that car drivers, especially larger vehicles, may not be able to see us in the mirror and accidentally push the curb against the curb. Instead of being heroically rescued from a difficult situation, it is better to just not let it happen. Cars turning right are ahead of us and we pass by on the left. Cars turning left – right.


Enable limited trust

British research indicates that on average every tenth decision taken at the wheel is not optimal or bad. Usually, these are small errors, sometimes unnoticeable and imperceptible, but there are also bigger mistakes. Therefore, it is worth being aware of the fallibility of both your own and other road users on the road. Most mistakes made by other road users can be easily predicted and their consequences can be prevented. With experience, it will be easier for you to come. It is worth to learn predictions, but at the same time not to trust yourself too much.

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