How to learn to ride a tandem bike experience?

How to learn to ride a tandem bike experience

There is a saying among cyclists: regardless of the direction in which relations develop, on a tandem bike experience they will develop 2 times faster. And it’s really, often when we see people in tandem on the street; we think it’s funny and fun. In fact, it is much more difficult than it seems. There are several rules that help make riding a double bike joyful and conflict-free.  

How to ride a tandem bike?

In this process, the most important thing is the connection between people! Riding on a tandem – a kind of test in building relationships, because in such a situation it is impossible to control everything yourself. It does not matter what position each occupies: be it a captain (sitting in front) or a stoker (sitting in the back, sometimes the second rider is called a fireman), at such moments you must trust each other completely. Therefore, it is not surprising that communication and understanding of the partner’s actions are fundamental to success.

Additional requirements for the recipe for a successful ride are also perseverance and patience. It is necessary to take into account such factors as slowness or fatigue of a partner – sometimes it is better to take a short breather than to come half an hour faster and quarrel.

Some cyclists compare riding in tandem with ballroom dancing or canoeing. But the movement on such a bike is done primarily due to the efforts of both riders – here it is impossible to do something intuitively: there must be a clear agreement on when to start the movement, how fast to move, at that moment to stop.

With an initially incorrect approach to this process, you can easily get hurt – for example, if you drive at high speed or if you take the wrong angle. You should think about safe movement in advance – a bicycle helmet is a must!

A sufficient number of people prefer to ride in tandem families. You can often see how parents bring their children to the garden or school. For transportation of children on a bicycle, there is a mass of safe inventions – for example, a children’s trailer for a bicycle or a child seat, which is easily installed in front of the captain of the tandem bike experience.

Some riders are so keen on the idea of riding a tandem bicycle that they join clubs of the same kind of passionate fans. Regional meetings gather hundreds of couples – on such days group races, cycling races and tours among tandem lovers are held. Time spent on a unique double bike will give a huge impetus to the relationship. This is not only a good way to have fun, but also an interesting scenario for an unusual date.

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