Bike – 9 reasons why you should ride a bike

ride a bike

Get to know 9 reasons why you should change your car from ride a bike. First of all, you will not get stuck in traffic from best bike us; you will have a healthier spine and heart, lose weight and strengthen your leg muscles. Besides, you can spend time with your friends on a bike trip.

By choosing a bicycle as your mode of transport, you decide at the same time on a certain lifestyle, ecological and healthy. You also prove that you do not care about environmental matters.


By choosing a bicycle you take care of the environment

Pollution of the natural environment is one of the most serious problems of the present day. Its solution is not contributed to the growing number of cars. The bicycle is one of the few means of transport that do not emit any fumes. It is more mobile, thanks to which you do not stand in traffic jams and do not inhale urban pollution. You can always turn into a side street, take a bike path or through the park. The bike does not cause noise, the level of which, especially in the centers of large cities, exceeds all acceptable standards.


Choosing a bike you do not waste time

The bike is always ready for travel. And besides, you do not have to wait at the bus stop for a clogged bus or streetcar, which passengers may get infected with flu or rob you. When you have a case to attend, you just get in and go. Although the amount of energy you need when moving your bike is comparable to the amount you use when you walk fast, the distance you’ll be able to defeat is almost three times as large. Yes, you will get tired, going uphill, but the downhill will be fun.


By choosing a bike, you save money

Buying and maintaining the best bike us is incomparably cheaper than a motorcycle or car. For 800-1000 PLN you can buy a nice one-piece bike or sports shop. The advantage of the ride a bike is also the lack of monthly fees associated with its maintenance. You do not have to buy insurance (although if your bike is very expensive, it is worth ensuring it in case of theft), you do not pay for gas or parking. It occupies 10 times less space than a car, so it does not require a garage. It will fit in the basement or on the balcony. In your budget, you only need to make a small sum for maintenance and any repairs. A thorough inspection of the bicycle should be done at least once a year. It may cost you PLN 80 to PLN 100. This is certainly a much smaller sum than the one you would have to pay annually for bus or tram tickets.


It is absolutely necessary to ride in a helmet!

Even if you think it is uncomfortable or that you look stupid in it. The consequences of an injury depend primarily not on the speed of the ride, but on the strength of the impact. This, in turn, depends on the height from which it falls. Death is threatening with a fall from a height of 117 cm; the falling speed is then 17.6 km / h. On average, the cyclist’s head is 160 cm from the ground, so when he falls over, he hits himself stronger. Helmet, however, reduces the risk of head injuries by up to 85%. Well-fitted, with ventilation holes, when it does not compress, not overheat, it is a desirable element of every cyclist’s equipment.


By choosing a bike you protect your own life

According to statistics, accidents involving cyclists are much rarer than those involving pedestrians and car drivers.

But be careful, because the bike does not protect your body. However, it is easier for you to change the vehicles, so you have a better chance of avoiding an accident. Remember that your bike should be equipped with functional brakes, good tires, bell, and lights. When cycling, not only follow traffic rules, but also be reasonable.


By choosing a bike you get to know the surroundings better

While cycling, you can admire the surroundings and discover previously unknown places. Thanks to this, you will get to know the city and the surrounding area better. How many interesting streets, bridges and parks you will never discover, using public transport. In each of these places, you can always stop for a moment and rest a bit.


By choosing a bike, you improve your mood

When cycling and doing other sports, the body releases endorphins, called the hormones of happiness. They minimize the sensation of effort and muscle fatigue, improve well-being and increase satisfaction. The respiratory system is stabilized. Faster circulation makes the body better oxygenated and functions more efficiently ride a bike. What bike do I go with? Go the best bike us! We are healthier. In addition, cycling allows you to avoid stress and relax. After all, you have the advantage over other vehicles that you can drive almost anywhere without a problem. You can also use a variety of shortcuts. Drivers of cars to many places make it impossible to access bans or lack the right way.

By choosing a bike you shape your leg muscles

When cycling, the calves work the hardest. The muscles of the buttocks and thighs are also active, especially the two-headed and quadriceps muscles and, to some extent, the abdominal muscles. When you go uphill, your hands and chest muscles also work. If you cover about 90 km on a bike during the week, you will quickly strengthen the muscles and eliminate fat on the hips and thighs.


By choosing a bike, you strengthen the spine

The bike is also a great way to strengthen the back muscles that support the lower, lumbar spine. It is also important to have a good saddle – that is, at the right angle to best bike us for a cycling. Too straightened silhouette causes strain of the spine and fatigue.

By choosing a bicycle, you take care of the heart

Cycling is a great workout for the heart. It forces the circulatory system to work more efficiently, protecting it against hypertension and the heart against diseases. During rhythmic pedaling, the heart calms down, and each of its contractions is fuller and causes better oxygenation of internal organs. Remember also that the more you ride a bike, the less your heart gets tired. The heart rate is not as fast as at the beginning of your adventure with a bike and you are not breathless or tired.

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