24 things you should not forget if you ride a bicycle alone

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If we ever need to run ride a bicycle alone, and then we forget to keep up with the necessary things. That is why we have to face many problems. That’s why it is good if we run bike alone, we will be well aware of the 24 issues-

1- Your phone

We live in the 21st century and it is therefore very useful to make use of the technical possibilities. A mobile phone can not only help you in case of need but also if you are lost or stay in touch with the home front.

2- Money

Without coffee stop no bike round. That coffee does not pay for itself, so always take a few euros and your debit card to pay for your coffee. The word coffee can be changed 1-to-1 with the word beer.

3- Your helmet

This goes without saying. Also just climb your helmet when climbing the mountain and enjoy Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes.

Do you still ride without a helmet? Then be sensible and check out the best bike us assortment here

4- Your brain

Do not leave your brain at home when you go out. Make sure you are aware of the rules that apply to the road. In the Netherlands, this will usually not be a problem, but abroad it is not wrong to delve into traffic rules, traffic signs and other matters. With a bit of logical thinking, you have come a long way!

5- The use of hand signals

If you, as a child, paid close attention to Bassie and Adriaan, you know that you have to put your hand on the bike in the direction you are going. These are the basic rules that many cyclists quickly ignore. Yet it is very important to indicate your direction, especially because you are a fast road user on the road bike, it is good to not scare others.

Additional words– We think to ride a bicycle alone on our best cycling, we usually get more knowledge of what we feel or try to find something better-

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If you cycle in a group you can learn and use the hand gestures below.


6- The route

You can, of course, go cycling on the bike ride, but most of us decide in advance a route they are going to cycle. Make sure you know where the points are where you might get lost and keep your smartphone handy to look up the route. Do you have the luxury of an onboard computer? Then leave route in, for example, your Garmin and follow the indicated route. This is also a nice way to discover new ways.

My favorite sites for making routes are the Starve Routes (premium feature) and the cycling route planners of the cycling federation and the ANWB.

7- Gloves

There are riders who consciously cycle without gloves because they do not like it. I was also such a rider, but I have recently completely turned up. I had never found the right size cycling glove. I turned out to have a bigger size than I thought I had summer short gloves. What extra comfort it offers, I bike a lot finer since then!

In the summer, of course, the short gloves for comfort and in winter the long glove to protect against wind and cold. Look carefully at the material of the winter glove, a waterproof glove is so nice to keep cold hands in the rain, wet road or even snow. If you have super-cold hands despite good gloves, I have one tip: cycle past the petrol station and use those plastic gloves as an inner glove. No more problems!

8- Insurance pass

You never know what happens to you on the way. An insurance card is always good to have. Just in case.

9- Passport/Driver’s license/ID

In the Netherlands, you have identification duty and if an agent wants to keep you for whatever reason, there is no good excuse to think that you have forgotten him. So make sure that it is in your standard equipment when you go on a bike ride.

10- Donor codicil

I do not have to think about it and I do not wish it on anyone, but if you are a donor, it is wise to take it with you. As I said, I do not wish anyone, but decisions have to be made about your organs and you’ve already thought about that, make sure that the right choices are made the ride a bicycle alone.

Do not have a donor code yet? Ask him here!

11- Extra clothing

Take the right clothes with you. Is rain coming? Will it be colder or warmer? Is the wind going to attract? All reasons to take a leg or arm warmers or, for example, a rain jacket. When I make a stopover I often find it nice to wear a dry undershirt in the autumn, winter and spring, so I almost always take this to ensure that I do not cool too much.

12- Lock your house/garage

In your enthusiasm to jump on the steel, or carbon, steed you can sometimes forget to lock the house or your garage. Do not forget it!

13- Sunglasses

In the summer, the sunglasses honor his name. You do it for the sun. If the sun does not shine, it is always useful to get as protection against flies, tear eyes and jumping stones.

14- Multi-tools

The breakdown on the road is in a small corner. You can, of course, wait until another cyclist the best bike us is so nice to help you. That exudes good faith in humanity, but unfortunately, it is a small burden for that cyclist, however helpful he or she is, to help you. So make sure you are self-sufficient and take that annoying heavy piece of weight anyway. Learn more about Bike – 9 reasons why you should ride a bike and best performance.

15- Brush yourself with sunscreen

Burnt calves are the nightmare of every fanatic cyclist. At first, you think that it falls, but in the shower, they start to burn and in the evening the sheets rub like sandpaper against your lower legs. You do not know how to take an attitude and you are awake all night. So grease those guns!

16- Shave your legs

My girlfriend does not allow me to shave my legs (I have a weakness for her, that may be clear), unfortunately, I have such a thick coat on both my legs. If you are lucky enough to shave your legs, do not forget to do it before you go out. Do it differently for me.

17- The Rules

Although a lot of rules appear on this site, the real rules are neatly listed on the bestbikeus website. So learn this page by yourself or order the book and road bike the best cycling-

18- Eating

In addition to drinking, you also need to eat enough. Keep one piece of food per hour and you will not starve at an ordinary bike pace provided you, of course, have eaten enough in advance, never go on an empty stomach, then parked in no time.

19- Your house and garage key

Coming home and standing in front of a closed door is no fun. You want to take a shower, freshen up and perhaps sit behind the TV to watch the race. A shameful call to family or friends can easily be saved by checking whether you have your keys with you. Unscrew all unnecessary keys, because that is the only ballast.

20- A new inner tube

If you have ever been in the middle of nowhere without a tube, you will never forget to put that piece of rubber in your back pocket. If for any reason you do not have any inner tubes in stock, order them quickly,  for example at best bike us- And oh yeah, do not forget your tire levers!

21- Drinking

During cycling, you not only burn a lot of calories but also a lot of moisture. Do not forget to fill your water bottle and take it with you. Count on about half a liter of fluid per hour, so it often does not hurt to take two bottles with you.

22- First look at best bike us-

Keep an eye on the weather. A quick look at the rain radar can tell you whether it can rain the coming hours and how the wind is a great source- Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano the cycling on a mission.

23- A cap for under your helmet

Niki Terpstra is partly responsible for the revival of the race cap. With the valve up naturally. In the summer you put the cap under your helmet to absorb sweat, in the winter to keep your head warm. The most stylish caps you buy at Blue On Bike, so be sure to take a look!

24- Starve

Nothing is as annoying as not being able to enjoy your ride a bicycle alone. So make sure you switch on your phone or another GPS device in time so that you can analyze everything afterward on Starve!


Thanks to the many comments on the WAF Facebook page here an essential good addition!

25- A bicycle pump

There you are with a new inner tube around your rim, around you only pasture, the nearest farm is 1 kilometer away. Forgot the pump. I even forgot to write him down in my first 24, from which the importance immediately comes to the fore!

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