24 things you should not do during a winter ride

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You should not do during a winter ride is a disaster for many cyclists. Snow, rain, cold, a winter depression. All reasons not to take a bike. But with this wintry weather, there are just enough reasons to go out on the best bike us is great cycling. Only good, we have at least 24 things put in a row that you should at least NOT to do if you go cycling in the winter. Take these tips for cycling in the winter so to heart!


1- Leaving without lights

In the winter it gets dark quickly by the end of the afternoon. Taking a set of lamps is therefore essential. Not only for your safety but also to ensure that you can see for yourself on roads and paths that are poorly lit.

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2- Mount a mudguard on your frame, unless it is an Ass Saver

Cyclingreview.nl does not like a dirty ass but thinks that you should always look stylish. Installing a huge splashing post on your seat post is therefore out of the question. The only way to protect your ass is with an original Ass Saver.


3- Do not take that extra bottle anyway

Every normal cyclist has two bottle cages mounted on his frame. Use them too. And I do not mean for that ridiculous water bottle where you put spare parts in, spare parts you do in your back pocket. Incidentally, we keep the code clean and we only use water bottles with a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters.


4- Drive through a puddle

Driving through a puddle in the end as a child, but the longer you are on the bike the more annoying it is. Therefore steer neatly around the puddles so that the person who is sitting with you in the wheel does not suffer from the splashing water.


5- Step on an indoor trainer

You do a winter training outside. Such a surrogate experience is not good for anything, unless you want to become stronger, fitter and better without having a chance to get sick. Whatever you feel like …

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6- Cycling without a goal

If you ride in spring you feel the flowers and the bees go through your head, in the summer there is plenty to see along the way, and in autumn you can also enjoy the view. In winter, however, it is deadly boring. Training for a goal, as I do this year for the touring version of the Tour of Flanders, will help you through the cold for hours.


7- Get on the road without a helmet

This goes without saying.


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8- Do not let that windbreaker stay at home.

You can really, but really, wear too much clothing than too little. A warm upper body ensures that you get cold hands and ears less quickly, so just take that wind jacket with you. I have suffered a lot of cold in recent years, but since I once did that investment in a winter jacket, I have no problems anymore.


9- Cycle on for a while if you feel that hunger blow

During cold winter rides your body burns a lot of calories. In any case more than in the summer, because now he also has to burn a stove to keep you warm. When your food is finished and you feel the dip coming, you better look up the nearest café or supermarket. A coke and snickers do wonders and make sure that you cycle home the last 30 kilometers relaxed.


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10- Go to Mallorca to train

We are not, after all, no professionals?


11- Do not make a coffee stop.

You’re crazy if you do not make a coffee stop should not do during a winter ride. In the winter you train when it’s good especially for your endurance and make long journeys in a quiet heartbeat so the group rides have a social character. A coffee stop is then an absolute must. You can also just walk into a café and order an espresso.


12- Leave your bike outside during the coffee stop

If you walk with the dog, do not you leave it outside when you drink coffee? You are on the go together and then the rule goes together from home together.


13- Go ahead without plan B

In winter, a ride can go differently than you had planned. The weather can change, it can suddenly become dark, you can get lost or fall mercilessly on your coconut. Always make sure you have a plan B so that you always come home.


14- Put your bike directly in the barn after the ride

Do you go to the shower after a ride? Before we hang our loyal comrade in the living room on the wall (or store it in the barn) we clean it with clean cleaning products.


15- Cycling without gloves

The most common reason why cyclists do not want to cycle in the winter is that they get cold hands. As mentioned, you can dress in the cold and that is why it should be done. Put a few dozens in good gloves and you do not suffer from anything.


16- Cycling without overshoes.

See point 15 (replace hands-on feet and gloves for overshoes).


17- Forgot your inner tube

You are a huge idiot if you forget to bring a fresh inner tube on your winter ride. The chance of punctures is experimentally greater than in the summer. I must honestly admit that I have forgotten myself in the winter, but then I am as happy as a child in the toy store when I come home without a good band. Do not forget to buy extra tubes!


18- Going out the door without checking the rain radar

Most beautiful cyclists are not cyclists and certainly not cyclists. Still, you can drive a little around the rain if that is possible, that is not evasive behavior but just smart.


19- Cycling along a road that has just been scattered

Cycling through de-icing salt (melting) snow can be fatal for your bike. Try to avoid driving through the puddles of this dirty gunk (see point 4), there are few resources that ensure that your bike is the same after such a dredging ride. Moreover, if it is freezing, you can better skate on the natural ice than cycling.


20- Going on the road without reflection

This does not mean that you have to assemble ugly reflectors on your bike, but make sure you are clearly visible to your fellow road users. There are reflective parts on most winter clothing, pay attention if you buy a winter outfit.


21- Going without money

The coffee you buy during your coffee stop does not pay for itself.


22- Try to get a KOM

Log in to Strava for fun and watch your target KOM (‘s). Bet that the fastest times have not been strung in December or January. Do not fervently do your best to get the most out of yourself. In July or August, you can show what you are worth.


23- Just send in a turn

Be careful, it can be slippery on the country’s roads. In the winter it still seems to freeze so that roads get slippery. So look a bit when you send in a turn. This also applies to brakes, only with that.


24- Just keep on riding your road bike

Also look for other ways to stay in shape. You can go ice skating, running, mountain biking, cycle-cross or if necessary spinning. As long as you make your hours, in winter it is not so much about the distance, but about the time you move. Keep looking for that time, even in the dark months!

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