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Best Bike us- Repair kits

Repair kits always keep with our bicycles

With the bicycle repair kits stand, repairs can be made easier on the best bike us. The assembly stand is used in many situations as a useful tool. Cleaning the bike can take place in an upright posture. Tire changes are easily done.

The bicycle repair stand is far from the standard package of every cyclist. But more and more bike owners are on the taste and treat themselves to a repair stand, with the many tasks are even easier to do.

We, from, also use a repair stand. He serves us not only in the cleaning and repair of bikes but also as a support for photo shoots. Or we hang a complete bike including scales on the stand to determine a correct weight. We use the Park Tool PCS-9 Repair Stand.

Cheaper models than Park tools can also be a nice help but are often only suitable for a maximum weight of 30 kg. This may sound like a lot, but if you work on the bike, which is attached to the stand, you will soon realize how much the stand is rocking. Although the PCS-9 costs about 100 euros, but is equipped with many advantages and proves its suitability daily in various workshops.


Worth knowing about the assembly stand

The working height must necessarily be adjustable with a repair stand. It should be adjustable at a height of about 100 to 150 cm. In this area, the fixed bike would always be at the level of your own chest or stomach. What makes working without stooping possible?

In order for you to be able to work meaningfully with a mounting stand, he should allow a maximum load of 20 kg. Then it is suitable for light bikes such as road bikes, children’s bicycles, etc. It should be avoided to fully exploit this maximum load. A peddled cannot be attached to such a cheap product accordingly.

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The bike is usually attached directly to the bicycle seat with the seat post. If this is not possible, the top tube can also be used by the bicycle. Here should then be clamped at the location to be fastened a cloth rag. This avoids paint damage to the frame.