Best Bike us- Mudguard

5 more practical mudguards for all-weather cycling

Very practical in case of rain, fenders can sometimes be heavy and difficult to install. To be protected with ease, we have selected 5 models. The mudguard is the essential accessory for the cyclist who wants to ride in all weathers and you get the best bike us. Muddy roads and flooded streets are no longer obstacles when you are well equipped. To overcome the splash, nothing beats this small equipment to fix on the front and rear wheels. However, you should choose your fenders carefully because they can be bulky or difficult to fix. These elegant and innovative models combine simplicity and utility.

5 practical mudguards follow:

The most functional

The ZĂ©fal brand No-Mud mudguard can be mounted on the front and rear. Thanks to its well-designed design, it perfectly matches the shape of the wheel for optimum protection. Universal, it fits discreetly on all bikes. Because of its high resistance and its mounting, it is particularly suitable for even suspended MTB. It fits on the front fork or shrouds at the rear. No-Mud is the 2-in-1 fender, functional and durable. As a bonus, this accessory is French.


The most extensible

This black plastic mudguard is lightweight since it weighs only 250 grams. Its 7 cm wide blade is expandable from 37.5 cm to 49.5 cm. It consists of 2 blades that slide and attach without tools on the seat post. Its well-studied attachment allows to tilt the fender and adjust the height. This model is also equipped with a reflector for added security.


The most covering

The Zefal Shield R30 fenders have been specially designed for road bikes. Their 30 mm wide blade covers 80% of the wheel for optimum protection. They fit perfectly on 700C wheels and remain light since they weigh only 370 g. Made of high-grade Technopolymer, this fender set is reinforced with rods to ensure longevity and reduce vibration. It is easily installed on the fork and shrouds thanks to fastening rings to be adjusted on the frame tube (up to 75 mm).

The best source of SKS rear mudguard Xtra-Dry 26 inch is most effective to the best bike us-


The lightest

With 15 grams for 30 centimeters in length, this rear fender is the lightest of our selection. It is fixed in an instant under the saddle of the bike thanks to its 2 notches. Available in several colors, it combines simplicity of use and speed. Its plastic blade protects perfectly and lightly. Thanks to its ultra-simple system, it is possible to remove it and position it in the sand of the climatic conditions. In good weather, it slips easily into a bag.


The fastest

Front fenders are sometimes more difficult to install but this model is fixed in the blink of an eye. The installation is simple and fast since it is enough to install the fixation with 2 adjustable straps on your bike. The mudguard can then clip and unclip depending on the weather. Its design brings a touch of modernity while effectively protecting splashes. With his 76 grams on the scale, he will be discreet time some self. This model also exists for the rear wheels.