What is mountain biking?

What is mountain biking

Mountain biking is a cardiovascular intensive sport where adventurous people ride bicycles off-road. This is usually over rough terrains like mountains, gullies or creeks and another un-even terrain. Riders use specially crafted bicycles which are similar to other bikes but also incorporate features designed to enhance the bikes performance and durability while off-road.

Where Do You Mountain Bike

These daredevils and nature lovers can find places to mountain bike almost as easily as you find a local grocery store. Most large cities have a local group or club that can direct you to the best trails. If you still have
What Kind of Bikes Are Used
Most mountain bikers use specific bikes that made for off-road riding. These bikes have several elements that help them stand out in rugged or tough terrain. A few of the major differences include…

Suspension Forks

Disc brakes

Wide tires with raised tread

Specific frame geometry

What do these special parts do and how does it help

Suspension Forks

The front fork of your bicycle is what the front tire of your bike sits inside of. A suspension fork provides a shock absorbing suspension on both the left and right sides of the fork. These forks utilize all sorts of methods for absorbing the shock from basic spring compression, air compression, and even hydraulic compression. This is very helpful as you are riding on rough terrain because it allows your bike to absorb the shock of the trail and saves your body from getting beat up.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are roughly 8-10inch discs of metal that surround the inner hub of the bicycle wheel. There will be small holes throughout the disc that help with modulation and heat dissipation. If brakes overheat, they can fail. Including these holes helps to prevent that from happening. These brakes help your bike to stop more effectively in difficult conditions like water or mud.

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Wider Tires With Raised Tread

The wide tires with a raised tread help your bike to grip in loose soil or terrain. Mountain bikers will often refer to these tread patterns as gnarly. This word refers to how large the raised tread is.
Specific Frame Geometry
The frame geometry on a mountain biking differs greatly from that of a road bicycle or a commuter bicycle. The bike is designed to keep its rider in a more aggressive position that allows them to better handle the bike while navigating through large rocks or obstacles. A mountain bike will have slacker angles that better keep its rider in the correct position.

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