My mountain bike shopping experience

My mountain bike shopping experience

A healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular my mountain bike shopping, and with it, the number of cycling fans is growing. You can buy a mountain bike today in open street areas, in a hypermarket, in a specialized sports shop and, of course, on the Internet. I decided to compare the quality of service at different points of sale and buy a new bicycle.

Street area

Fresh outlets are most often located close to busy highways. This allows you to make a purchase without spending a lot of time looking for a bike dealer. Having gone around several such sites, I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of warranty cards, service books. They gave me a ride on the chosen model; however, they asked to leave a deposit. If you choose an expensive bike or plan to buy two bikes at once, sellers start bargaining themselves, offering a discount. I did not like that I did not see the price tags on a product at any point, which gives the seller complete freedom of pricing. The second drawback is the presence of scratches, dirt, and in some cases even rust on the products offered. Naturally, the products belong to the lowest price category.


The next bike shop I decided to visit became a hypermarket. Not far from the vegetables and fruits were new bikes. However, when asked for advise, they replied that there were no special consultants in the store, and the existing staff did not understand bicycles. The advantage of shopping here is the opportunity to buy a mountain bike, without being distracted from everyday affairs. The downside is the availability of the cheapest models from China, which are characterized by the poor build and lack of settings.

Sporting goods store

The sports bike shop that I visited pleased me with a rich assortment of models, the presence of a wide selection of necessary accessories and clothing for cycling. The staff is well prepared and ready to find the best model.

Its main disadvantages are the relatively high price level and cooperation with a certain brand (although there are multi-brand ones). This is due to the fact that such stores are usually representatives of brands and provide warranty and post-warranty service, and cheap bicycles are not of high quality and do not have official support in principle. Since the trip to such a store will be planned, you should inquire in advance about the direction of its work.

The Internet

Visiting an online store can be easily equated to pleasure since it can be done at a convenient time in comfortable clothes and even in a comfortable pose. Typing the query into a search engine, I went to the first available store best bike us. Since the content of virtual outlets is much cheaper for their owners, a considerable difference in price rushed into the eyes.

By selecting the mountain bike cloth shopping tab and more, I found discounts on certain models, which is also nice. To place an order, you must leave your phone number to communicate with a representative who will pick you up during business hours. The manager turned out to be very sensible, and we easily picked up a suitable model. The bike can be picked up by you, paying on the spot in cash. You can pay immediately and order urgent delivery in Moscow, and then you will meet with your new friend within 2 hours. Despite the lack of full confidence in online shopping, the latter was the best option. I did not have to plan a separate trip, looking for specialized outlets throughout the city did not have to overpay, and I was brought the chosen model straight home.

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