How to choose mountain bike clothing clearance?

How to choose mountain bike clothing clearance

The mountain bike clothing clearance is very different from the appearance of the highway, so it makes sense to buy a cyclist and a unique appearance. Nobody forbids wearing tight or baggy tourist shorts when you are not riding on the sidewalk. But with great pleasure, you will spend time traveling on a mountain bike, if you wear special protective clothing that fits wherever you go.

Protection is fundamental. In addition to tips on choosing special clothes, this article includes some chips that you should bear in mind when riding a mountain bike.

Mountain bike shorts and lining

Like road bikes, mountain bike shorts have an elasticity that provides more free movement of the legs, and a special lining absorbs moisture and reduces friction.

For most mountain biking styles, aerodynamics is not important, so you can choose more baggy shorts. However, if you are going to ride an off-road bike, then it is best to choose more tight-fitting aerodynamic shorts. Some cycling athletes prefer more tight shorts that provide muscle support.

Most models of mountain bike shorts are stitched from thick fabrics and have many pockets. All that is needed to protect against friction – a denser fabric and the length of the shorts. Shorts used for riding from the mountains should be denser and longer compared to shorts for other styles of cycling.

Lining: The lining, sewn into mountain bike shorts, maybe slightly thinner than that of a road bike shorts, as when riding, the position of the cyclist constantly varies.

Most of the linings can be unfastened, which makes it advantageous to buy underwear for cycling – soft elastic shorts. (Pay attention to the fact that, regardless of choice, does not wear underwear that is unsuitable for cycling, otherwise, skin irritation is unavoidable.) In the end, this is everyone’s personal opinion on the choice of special linen or a lining.

Jersey for mountain biking

In general, jersey clothing for mountain bike clothing clearance rides is not very different from ordinary road models. For more effective absorption of sweat, they should be tight enough, but perhaps a little freer than for road cycling. For a more energy-intensive driving style, you can wear an even looser sweater. Long sleeves will provide additional protection against tree branches and bushes.

If you plan to travel with a backpack, then the back pockets are completely unnecessary. For cyclists without backpacks, pockets are needed for storing keys, food, a tire repair kit, a phone, and money.

It is desirable to have a zipper on clothes when traveling at high speed or when climbing uphill, and this is the function in clothing that cyclists are looking for.

Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain and road bike gloves differ in two main parameters: lining and finger protection.

As there are additional mounts on a mountain bike, such devices are optional for gloves. When traveling a few hours or more, you will certainly appreciate the comfort that the lining provides. Gloves without lining are much lighter, cooler and allow you to feel the steering wheel better – significant plus for fast and technical descents.

And, of course, here you will not see gloves without fingers. After all, sweaty hands bring much less discomfort, compared with bloodied joints. Therefore, it is much wiser to wear classic gloves with your fingers.

Insulated clothing for riding a mountain bike

Special clothing for cold weather allows you to extend the cycling season from early spring to late autumn. Add protection against rain and wind to your equipment, a rather valuable solution, plus an insulating layer, and you will be ready to ride at any time, which in the weather forecast is designated as a “cold front”.

Tip: Before starting a long climb, remove several layers of clothing until it is cold. If before the start of the ascent you are warm and comfortable, then most likely you will overheat.

Bike Jackets

Among the outerwear does not find a huge variety of models for mountain bike clothing clearance. The most important difference between them and models of outerwear is more reliable fabrics. Also, you need a special design for cycling, as it provides the best protection from the wind, and is tailored to make it more comfortable in the forearm when leaning forward. Still needed the hood, suitable for the helmet.

A waterproof, breathable jacket is required for more reliable protection. For short trips in cloudy weather, some cyclists prefer to take a raincoat with them, which folds up to small sizes and are able to fit in a sweater pocket.

Tights and pants for cycling

Cycling tights, most of which are lined, can be replaced with tight shorts in cold weather. A pair of breathable pants, of the same quality as the above-described jackets, will be saved in wet weather.

Thermal insulation layer

In the middle of the climb, you will feel that the sweat is absorbed, and you feel the heat – what you need from underwear and a light fleece jacket. Do not wear cotton: wool, polypropylene, and nylon will fit better.

Heaters for arms and legs and hats

Insulators for hands, insulators for legs and a hat or a bandana are universal parts of clothing, as they are easy to put on and take off when weather conditions change during the trip.

Cycling shoes

Pedal Compatibility: The first thing to look out for is compatibility with the selected pedal system. You can consider universal models of shoes that are suitable for the pedals – platforms, and to the system of pedals without mounts.

Movement on foot: in the course of practicing mountain biking, you must decide how much you will walk. Rubber ribbed sole helps to make walking along the paths and overcoming obstacles more pleasant (beginners will do it very often). And if suddenly the bike fails, then, in this case, will have to go on foot.

The efficiency of cycling: tough shoes for traveling over rough terrain created for a more efficient ride, but it is very difficult to walk. These shoes usually have more flaps for ventilation than softer outdoor models.

Water Resistant: For wet, cold conditions, consider shoes with a waterproof lining. Another suggestion is to buy a pair of boot covers.

Mountain Bike Helmets

The style of riding a mountain bike: the main criterion when choosing a helmet. Disciplines that require more technical skills and have more steep descents imply a more solid defense.

Riding over rough terrain: the speed during the ascent and the descent from the hill here is not very great. Therefore, it is best to pick up a helmet that looks like a highway, besides, it is better aired.

Riding Trails: Trail riders usually require more technical skills to overcome the landscape than cross-riders. Therefore, they need more reliable protection – extended helmets on the sides and back.

Endured: This style often implies steep technical and fast descents, so there is no more reliable protection than trail riders. It would be nice to get removable chin protection. Most of the distance can be driven without it, but it becomes necessary on long descents.

Downhill: This style implies maximum protection. A helmet covering the entire face will be required, and perhaps a pair of goggles, not just sunglasses.

Knee pads and protection for mountain biking

After buying a helmet, we recommend buying knee pads: more protection will be required due to the fact that the style of riding a bike will become more and more extreme.

Trail and cross-riders can do easier protection. Experienced cyclists can only wear knee pads, and newcomers should also protect their elbows. In order not to be very hot during the trip, the more experienced cyclists do not put on any protection until they reach the top of the mountain, which is the beginning of a long descent.

Endured cyclists need thicker and longer knee pads. Best mountain bike online shop are available to your opinion-

Protection is also necessary for downhill, but here the athletes still add a pair of shin guards to the shin to provide more complete protection.

Backpacks for mountain biking

If you are going on a long trip, you will need to pack all purchased equipment. It includes the “Ten essential items” plus a bike repair kit. Most cyclists prefer backpacks with a water container in the kit, or there is supposed to be a place for such a container.

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