Ergon GE1 grip and most comfortable MTB saddle

Ergon GE1 grip and most comfortable MTB saddle

Following the presentation of the new ergonomic Ergon GE1 grip, the Ergon brand showed at Inter bike 2014 the GE1 Slim model with a thinner structure. They did this after receiving feedback from the UCI Road World Cup participants who wanted to feel the steering wheel better, in order to have more bike handling.

They have become a bit smaller, the difference is noticeable. Price starts at $ 34.99 for any model, and Slim will be available in March 2015.

Ergon bike grips

All grips are made of pure rubber; have certificates confirming the absence of harmful impurities and safety for children.

Slim is on the left and the original version is on the right. Pay attention to a deeper recess from the side of the locking ring, and a less pronounced rise from the edge. In the original grip more than a few millimeters.

Best MTB grips

GA2 is a new model of basic pens, which are available from Ergon for $ 29.99. Moderately dense of the softest rubber.

Remove bicycle handlebar grips – How to remove grips from the bicycle steering wheel?

The new BE1 and BE2 endure backpacks have a thin central part so that it is easier to mount the helmet. They are very small in size and are available in volumes of 3.5 and 6.5 liters. The aluminum rack at the top can be bent to fit the backpack to the shape of the body. Model BA3 (in the lower right corner) is already available for sale.

Enduro backpacks

Backpacks are adjustable in height. They come with a 1.5-liter Hydria tank located in the lumbar region. The retail price of each from $ 159.

Ergon smc3 saddle

SMC3 is a new most comfortable MTB saddle that has a thicker layer of foam and a wider base. It is created as a more comfortable MTB saddle, but it will be a good choice most comfortable bike saddle for tracks where a long ride on a gravel surface is expected. The saddle is made of high-grade orthopedic foam and is stamped from a single piece. This allows the foam to perfectly take the shape of the body.

Retail price from $ 80 to $ 179, depending on the model. The rails range from Tin ox to carbon fiber, the shell can be nylon or carbon fiber. Weight in the range from 220 to 270 grams, depending on the width and model. The Pro model has Alcan Tara side panels and a back microfiber protective insert.

Ergon SME3

The model of endure saddle SME3 received the same coloring as the grip. The Pro version also has Alcan Tara side trim. The model is positioned as a convenient option for mountain endures.

Also at the exhibition was shown a 3D Sit Dimension device, which allows you to choose the optimal width of the saddle for you based on the location of the bones.

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