A gift from downhill mountain biking gear

A gift from downhill mountain biking gear

The other day I read an interesting story at the bicycle forum downhill mountain biking gear. The DH group of extreme cyclists rode along the mountain single tracks in the Andes. On one of the slopes met an unusual cyclist. A girl, about 13 years old, is riding on a children’s bike, naturally without tires, on bare rims.

Young cyclist

We talked, it turned out that she lives somewhere in the mountains, her parents are engaged in agriculture, until the next civilization she spent several hours pedestaled, there are no roads. However, there is no money to buy tires either. But it does not bother the young cyclist, because of the bike rides, and this is the most important thing.

Downhillers looked at each other, remembering how many hours they spent on forums in disputes, whether the brakes for the five hundred dollars and the plug for a thousand would be suitable for trips in the Andes. And this little girl just sits on a great without tires and rides on the single tracks. As the author writes, it was rather sobering.

Famous cyclists

Of course, the harsh cyclists could not remain indifferent to such enthusiasm and raised some money to buy a new bike for her. The problem is how to deliver a gift to a lost village in the Andes, but the author writes that they will solve this issue.

People on the forum began to give advice to the author, so as not to buy out of habit a light and fetishistic bicycle. For operation away from the bike shop and mechanics, reliability is more important. They decided to pour high-quality sealant into the wheels, and attach a portable pump to the gift; this will help the new bike not to repeat the path of the previous one.

Common bicycle problems

They also asked to be handed over to the girl so that in case of technical problems, she would safely stop any downhill’s bike who ride in this area. Of course, who refuses to help? Even the author was advised to grab tires for the existing bike so that one of the children in the family could go on to the bicycle faith.

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