5 basic tips for the first MTB marathon

MTB marathon

5 Basic tips for the first MTB marathon in best bike us continuously and completely free!- 

It’s not as cheeky as a free ride for MTB marathon, not as cool as enduring, and not quite as fast as cross-country: marathon races are still for real guys who really love every part of mountain biking is the best bike us. Up, down, on the road, through the forest, over obstacles – here you are really offered everything the off-road heart desires the best bike us. In the end, only one thing matters: Arrive. Best first. To do that, you need a lot of training, stamina, talent and of course our top 5 tips for marathon races.

If you have not heard anything about mountain bike marathon fun before and really feel like it, here are a few key facts: Marathon races are basically often extended cross-country races, which can be between 60 – 160 km long. Terrain and track layout are always different and extremely varied. Technically challenging runs can expect just as flows single track and steep climbs. Depending on the event, such an MTB marathon takes between 4 and 24 hours.


Our top 4 marathon MTB offers

Our Down Under colleagues romped around one of Australia’s most prestigious marathon events, the Giant Otway Odyssey, dusting off the best pros’ tips.

1. Training, training, training

Marathon is not the same as a marathon, especially if you differentiate between road and MTB. That should be clear to everyone, but the difference is so enormous that we want to talk about it here. The winner of the Giant Otway Odyssey, Chris Hamilton, needed exactly 4:18 h for the 100 kilometers to the finish. But Hamilton is also on the road and won at the national U23 road championships 2016 with 3:39 h on a 132 km long track. The discrepancy of the times is obvious and should make it clear that many other factors play a role in MTB marathon sport than pure stamina and speed.

Here are the high technical standard best bike us of such MTB routes, the relatively high proportion of altitude (in the Odyssey it is over 2,300 m to 100 km in length) and of course the rugged terrain and the associated construction of the mountain bike. In addition, the driving the best bike us in the group and resulting slipstream advantages are absolutely not an issue here. It’s a great source mountain bike buying advice – everything you need to know about it.

So if you want to focus more on training on the road, you should consider these circumstances. It does not do much to just line kilometers for miles, hanging on to his training partners. Instead, the mountains and climbs of the surrounding area should be your goal to keep your heart rate up. Do not forget that an hour on the road in about 30 minutes in an MTB marathon match, as far as the kilometers traveled.

One of the top 25 riders (we call him Bret) this year’s Odyssey gave us an insight into his training preparation. It turned out: The early bird catches the worm. Or: long-term preparation is the key. Already months before the event, he completed 15-17 hours, 300-400 km and 4,000-6,000 vertical meters per week, divided into four laps on the road and two MTB rides. The long-term training earned him at least as much as the last few weeks before the event.


2. Work on your driving technique

As already described at the beginning, marathon races do not consist of pure endurance work. Anyone who shines with the cardio and could persevere on the best bike us on a daily basis still has hardly a chance if he leaves too much time for the technical passages. So if you see his weaknesses in MTB marathon driving technique should spend a good part of his marathon training on trails and practice cornering as well as technically demanding climbs and descents. Of course, it would be a good idea to do some laps on the racetrack yourself in order to get a feeling for the underground and the course of the route (but more on that later).

Whether fitness is your strength – in the MTB marathon your driving technique is what counts most.

Even though no marathon race is the same, we can promise you that each course has numerous technical sections and thus puts a great focus on MTB driving technique and bike handling. That’s why it’s important to keep your mountain bike in full control on both bumpy and rough terrain. Avoid excessive braking and try to keep your corner speed as constant as possible to get steady and fast. If you go too much off the gas, you run out of breath at the corner exit and you invest additional power to get back to speed. Of course, this is not always possible. 180 ° bends, ground with little grip, a driver in front of you that breaks you out and so on. But remember, the more often you brake, the more energy you have to invest on the track.

To do that better, predictive driving is the key. Your bike will always go where you look, so never let the track in front of you or the tree you’re heading towards being your (racing) end.

Bret’s go-pro footage gives you a good idea of best bike us and how to keep your speed up through technical passages. Quick changes of direction leave little room for mistakes, and on downhill runs, only good skills bring you forward and no better fitness.


3. Prepare for the track

Actually, a no-brainer for anyone who really wants to take an MTB marathon race seriously the best bike us. Find out about the course, the course and the terrain. If you have a lot of single track sections, you should, of course, be prepared for single tracking and gain as much experience and safety as possible. Makes sense, right? And if you get astonished at the altitude meter – fold up the jaw and off to the next mountain. Whatever the course demands, you should be prepared.


You have to be able to conquer climbs with 70 kilometers in the legs, not just shortly after the start.


Elevation profile of the Giant Otway Marathon range

The Giant Otway Odyssey has two significant increases, once at 15 kilometers and at 70. Our test driver Bret started both climbs with a heart rate of about 180, which is about 90% of his maximum heart rate, and rose up during the climb 191, so almost maximum pulse. But Bret has prepared himself accordingly and built in such extreme situations in his training rides, in order to be able to accelerate even beyond his own limits in the race.

4. Pay attention to your diet

Winner Chris Hamilton may have completed the 100 kilometers of the MTB marathon in Otway in just over four hours, but at the other end of the field, many drivers also finished only twice as far. For such a working day on a mountain bike, you need a lot of calories to keep up.

Regardless of placement and time, proper food intake is critical to any marathon race. Whether energy gels, liquid calories, energy bars fruits or other calorie donors. Remember the number of calories for a normal working day and double them to keep from falling during the race.

A nutrition plan is what you need to keep your energy level high and your chances of winning high. If you are well supplied with nutrients, your concentration and mood improve, two essential factors for a long marathon race.

Of course, you should not stuff yourself blind and end up realizing that your stomach just cannot tolerate such amounts. Knowing what your digestive system can handle is just as important as getting the right food on best bike us and more. Who wants to prepare for a race for months and then have to struggle with flatulence, nausea, diarrhea or abdominal cramps all the time, just because you’ve had too many carbohydrates?

Speaking of cramps: marathon races are predestined for painful spasms in the calves. Nutrient deficiency is the main reason for this and varies depending on the individual. Over body sweat, MTB marathon important supplies of sodium and electrolytes are lost, which can mean premature termination in a race lasting several hours.


5. Get everything out of your bike

Actually, no insider tip: Anyone who signs up for an MTB marathon, should ensure that your own bike is up to the requirements of such a race. With the variety of different sections, surfaces and obstacles your MTB should run smoothly – especially if you want to take on a horde of other riders.

So check if the drivetrain and the shifter are working perfectly, your treads are still properly trodden and free of cracks and other damage, and all wearing parts are in good condition and tight enough to not bend at the first jump.

Further words from the organizer of the Giant Otway Odyssey Marathon:

Make sure that your MTB is optimally adapted to your body and that you also feel comfortable for hours in the saddle.

Anyone who is not sure whether he really gets everything out of his bike should inquire about a dealer’s confidence for a bike fitting to optimize the saddle height, steering angle and position on the best bike us continuously.

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