24 things you should not do while climbing a real mountain

climbing a real mountain

For many people, climbing a real mountain is a big dream. But what do you have to take into account if you have never done this? This article lists the 24 things you should not do in order to make your climb a success! And learn more about cycling the best bike us for your good dream. If you complete it, I hope it is possible to find something good

You should not do while climbing a real mountain

1- Go up the mountain without specific training

In the Netherlands it is very difficult to train for the high mountains, although, around Arnhem, the Veluwe, the Utrecht Heuvelrug, at certain places on the border with Germany and of course in Limburg can make excellent altimeters, it is wise for you a ‘real mountain ‘cycle on a little one to cycle. You can do this by booking a cycling holiday on Mallorca, but it is also an option, for example, to drive to the Eifel or the Vosges and prepare a weekend there by riding longer climbs. Preparation is half the work and the advantage of cycling is: the more you do it, the better you become.

2- Going out with food and drinks

Even if you climb the Alpe d’Huez and expect to do it ‘only’ and hourly; just take a few bars with you. During a climb, you burn so many calories that you better ensure that you have enough stock. Even if you do not eat during the climb, it is wise to eat something so that you can start concentrating on the descent.

3- Maintain different leg rates

If it is a long climb, it is best to keep one rhythm as fast as possible. In general, a leg speed of 90 revolutions per minute is considered normal, but this can vary per person. Armstrong had the technique to cycle with a leg speed of over 110, you do not have to copy this because it is difficult, but it seems to provide a lower load on the muscles.

4- Sit down the whole climb

During the climb, it is wise to sit most of the time, this way you can sustain a long effort. But when you stand on the pedals, you are able to transfer up to 30% more energy on your pedals and you can talk to other muscle groups, which will help you to relieve your thighs. Make sure you do not cycle too long in red and blow yourself up. For example, you can place strategic accelerations just before a bit of descent or by standing on a steep stretch and maintaining your cadence.

5- The whole climb

Honest is fair: Standing climbing best bike us looks very cool, but it also costs a lot of energy. Most people also climb into the saddle. This way you are more relaxed on the bike and it is easier to find a balanced cadence.

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6- Do not wear a helmet

This goes without saying. Also just climb your helmet when climbing the mountain.

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7- Looking straight ahead at you all the time

Not only during the lowering it is important to pay attention; Take a good look ahead while climbing, pay attention to the traffic around you and look through the corners. If you are ‘in the zone’ it may happen that you are concentrated, but have a very narrow tunnel vision. Professional cyclists ride on a closed track; we cycle on the public road and are therefore part of the traffic. If you do not pay attention you drive on the wrong side of the road, where cars and cyclists come down at high speed. Try to avoid the tunnel by counting the kilometer signs along the road or focusing on certain checkpoints on climbing a real mountain.

8- Mount the resistance of Santiago Botero

I get hurt on my knees when I look at these images of Santiago Botero, where during the Tour de France of 2002 he is cycling with a huge resistance Les Deux Alpes. He will win grandiose, but I’m afraid he has had ten knee surgeries. So make sure you have enough big wreaths. Mentally it is great if you have a wreath left. So be sure to mount a mountain rack. We do cycle with a double/compact and not with a triple. As one wise man once taught me: A triple is for a sissy.

9- Get yourself seen by your friend who cycles for you

It will certainly happen that a friend can climb mountain bike better than you. You can just accept that or train harder the next time to unload it.

10- Turn halfway through the climb

Something very serious must have happened to squeeze a climb in the brakes halfway and go back to your hotel or campsite. Always make a mountain, even if you do it for the rest of the day. Climbing hurts. Climbing is waiving. It can be very tempting to just cut it, but this is not an option. Decide where you start.

11- Do the ascent without preparation

Always does your homework before you climb a mountain? What will it do again? How hot/cold it is at the top. Which echoes are there on the climb? Where is the steepest part? Where can you rest? Where is the best viewpoint? Is there a place where I can fill my water bottles? Which way do you go down? Is there a climb in there? All questions where the answers are very useful and can only help you.

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12- Stop a lot

I am no opponent of stopping during a climb. Everyone cycles on his own level, in my experience you better stop 1 minute to recover and enjoy the view that necessarily best bike us want to cycle through. If the tip comes down you will be on the ascent for about the same time, even if you come up with a shortstop. Try to limit the stopping to a minimum, such as a maximum of once every 10 kilometers. To race to every curve of Alep dues and then to stop in each of the 21 hairpin bends is not a pore.

13- Be afraid of the climb

Fear is never a good counselor and certainly not if you are going to climb a mountain by bike. I see People Mountains on bikes that I never thought they could do. A little self-confidence can therefore not hurt! A mountain can inspire fear, but if you divide the climb into parts it is often not too bad.

14- Do earplug in your ears

There are three reasons for not having earplugs in your ears: 1. It is dangerous. 2. In the mountains, you have great ambient noise, such as waterfalls, streams, and birds. It is a shame not to get it. 3. It is not that Nice Verhoeven screams information about the course in your ears, earplugs in your head are completely unnecessary!

15- Switch to the steepest part

Always switch for a hairpin bend and not IN the hairpin bend. Do you see that it will become steeper? Anticipate in advance by switching lighter, so you avoid during a heavy effort is to brawling with your gear.

16- Going up the mountain with a poorly maintained bicycle

If you do not know exactly how to properly maintain your bike, make sure at least that the local bicycle mechanic has looked at your bike. I myself have been stubborn myself, so I noticed during the climb that my rear derailleur my chain was not in the slightest gear. Not so handy. Not so nice.

17- Want to take every inside bend of the hairpin bends

Hairpin bends are a curse and a blessing while climbing. They can unbelievably take you out of your rhythm, but the outer curves can also give your muscles just the necessary relief. Moreover, from a hairpin bend, you often have a fantastic view over the valley. If you are going to stop a hairpin bend is a good time, because in addition to the view you can also step on your bike fairly easily.

18- Climb with negative thoughts

Self-confidence and positive thoughts are crucial for a good ascent. Instead of being busy with the pain and the distance, you better have a nice song, a nice moment or other positive thoughts in your head. Accept that against a mountain on bicycles is heavier than with wind in the polder. If you are mentally well prepared, you are better able to focus on your goal while climbing: Cycling to the top, preferably as quickly as possible.

19- Underestimate the mountain

The climbing a real mountain can be deadly. Literally and figuratively. Not to scare you, but hundreds of years old cyclists fall into a ravine. A little respect for the mountain cannot hurt. As mentioned, it is important to do your homework.

20- Use a wrong bike posture

Prevent yourself from ‘dragging’ while climbing, that is just wasted energy. Try to climb as much as possible with bent arms and hold your hands loosely on the brake levers or the center of your handlebars. Keep your back straight and make sure you keep enough pressure on your rear wheel on steep sections. This prevents the slipping of your rear wheel. If your cadence goes down because of the percentage increase then take time to switch back.

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21- Go up the mountain without a heart rate monitor

As far as I am concerned, there is no problem that there are cyclists who cycle without technical aids. Fine, but you miss the best part of cycling, after cycling yourself then: analyzing your journeys and seeing where you can improve yourself. As far as I am concerned it is not the intention that you continuously watch your heartbeat while climbing, but with a heart rate monitor, you can perfectly determine afterward at which moments you are really in the red and where there are points of improvement for a next ascent.

22- Riding too much in red

If you already have a heart rate monitor you can see exactly where and when you go in the red. As you use the heart rate monitor for a longer period, you can estimate how long you can sustain a certain amount of effort. Usually, your feeling is very different from reality. For example, your heart rate can be much higher than you feel, so you think you’re left, while at any moment the man with the hammer can come by. Listen to your body and rely on your heart rate monitor.

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23- Take too much luggage up

It is not for nothing that there are photos of Chris From. It is almost scary to see how thin the climbing goats are in the peloton. Every gram of ballast has to go up and makes you cycle slower. So think carefully about which accessories you all take up. Do not save on food, drinks and a warm jacket for the descent. For example, consider whether you really need to take two inner tubes, whether your arm warmers are needed, whether the rain jacket is needed, etc. If someone goes by car to the mountain behind you, you can drop everything at him or her so that you warm stuff on top. In this way, you are better prepared for the (cold) descent.

24- Starting too soon

If you have ever attended a clinic or have read or heard anything about climbing the best bike us, this will have been the first advice. This is why this clinician in this list is at the bottom.

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