Best Bike us- Mountain Bike

Best Bike us- Mountain Bike

Best Mountain Bike

As much as you want to grab your new MTB and go to the mountain bike to rip rails, be careful and patient. Start with easy and not too long routes. Go increasing in difficulty just as you gain confidence. The body needs time and practice to get accustomed to the BTT. Be patient. When you go to more isolated places, never go alone. Do not forget to wash an alternate air chamber, pump and if possible a small kit of essential tools.


Bicycle: You must have a bicycle that is suitable for the intended use of best bike us. There are several options but the most usual are the HT or Rigid and the FS or Total Suspension. Rigida is usually the most economical and the most competitive bike; since the full suspension, if it is well equipped is always more expensive but it is the one that will give you better comfort. Always pay attention to the measures of the Bicycle, as inadequate sizes can cause injuries. Never forget that it is the Bicycle that should fit the Cyclist and Never the Other.

Helmet: Never walk without a helmet. It can save your life. Many cyclists have already fallen and have left their helmets completely broken and have risen with a smile from ear to ear. The latest helmets are so light that after we get used to it, we even forget that we have them. They are well-ventilated, safe and very attractive, giving a very racing and unmistakable look to whoever brings them.

Glasses: They are for the eyes like the helmet for the head. They are not only used to protect from ultraviolet rays, but also from insects, branches, dust, stones, and wind.

Gloves: Protects the hands not only from the cold but also from the falls and vibrations of the handlebar.

Shoes: Even with normal pedals you should wear your own shoes with hard soles to improve pedaling performance. Avoid shoes with laces that can be attached to racks (pedal sprockets) or pedals.

Shorts: Cycling shorts are essential for spending long hours on the bike. If you do not like lycra shorts you can find shorts with a more traditional look, but with the indispensable padded reinforcement to prevent pain in the groin area. In this field never spare on quality.

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed best Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes


Sweater: Cyclist sweaters, made of special fabric are guaranteed comfort, whether you walk in the sun, heat, cold, rain or wind. Its tissue functions as a second skin, releasing sweat, keeping it dry and warm. In addition, they are very resistant, protecting us in case of fall, and do not tear when we are stuck in branches of trees or Silvas. Avoid walking with cotton T-Shirts in summer or wool sweaters in the winter. Try it and then you’ll know why ……

Basic techniques for the practice of mountain biking
First, you have to learn some basics so that you can take advantage of your bike on off-road routes safely. In addition, it is possible to do activities on two wheels without this becoming a physical storm. What is important is to quantify the effort and learn to use the changes, to know how to go up and … down.
Then there is some advice, like riding a Mountain Bike.

Much is heard about how to brake, some even say that it is good to avoid using the front brake, but in reality the use of the brake must always be done consciously, ie: when you lock your bike you must be aware of the conditions of the ground, the situation of the bicycle in relation to the ground and to know what can happen during a braking.

  • What can go wrong with braking?
  • Locking the rear wheel too hard


if the bicycle is in a straight line: the rear wheel can slip to one side and lose balance, which can be restored by slightly lowering the braking power for the wheel to turn again and/or change direction to get back on track.

If the bicycle is making a turn, the rear wheel escapes to the opposite direction of the curve and when this happens at a high speed, it ends up driving the driver to the ground … When you feel the back escape will relieve the power exerted on the brake – a preventative attitude, will lock up in a moderate way on slippery floors and with little grip.

Locking the front wheel too hard.

If the bicycle is in a straight line and on a good grip, the tendency is to shoot the rider in front of the front wheel. But when the tread is not too sticky the tendency of the wheel is skidding to one side – unbalancing the rider. In both cases, it is necessary to decrease the power exerted on the brake to recover the balance.
Like the rear wheel, the front also skids to the opposite direction of the curve, but when this unexpectedly happens, the rider rarely escapes contact with the ground …

Remember then that when you pay you must be aware of what may happen, in this way you can take the right attitude to avoid falling. Below is a list of some tips that can help you decide.