Best Bike us- locks

Best Bike us- locks

The bike lock is a security bike

In the bike locks test, we will take modern bicycle locks in reality under the magnifying glass. Each review differs from other magazines in that we always try to crack or crack the locks. And here we even consider the so-called lock picking, which has been used for a few years in bicycle theft.

Unfortunately, most of the locks on the market are only a small deterrent. With the purchase one likes to decide on price and flexibility the best bike us. The weight also plays a role for many cyclists. It must be easy and should not be cracking. Cheap and preferably so big that two wheels can be chained to a solid object. But you cannot find this mixture.

Good locks weigh something. They are massive and very safe. There is no question of “unshakable “because we will only give this title to a castle if we cannot do it ourselves.


Table of Contents

  • Criteria for the bicycle lock test
  • Current bicycle locks in the test
  • Rating in detail
  • Lock types we test
  • The purpose of a bicycle lock


Each of these criteria we evaluate separately in the review and also responds. Our readers appreciate the fact that a lock could be opened with the bolt cutter and how long it took. Bicycle locks that are cracked within a few seconds should never be bought to protect the bike. They are for decoration only. The same applies to locks which can be opened directly by lock picking.

SIGTUNA Bike lock – 16mm Heavy Duty best Bicycle Lock with U Lock Shackle and Mounting Bracket + 1200mm Steel Flex Bike Cable Lock


Our reviews is based on pure reality. We not only present a bicycle lock – as competitors do – but test the locks for real safety. Whoever is with us has really deserved to protect a bicycle.

You can see on the table our entire tested and rated bike locks. If you click on the name in front, you will get directly to the test report, if it is already available. In the last column, you can see the best offer for each castle by switching to Amazon. Remember, a bike lock must make it as difficult as possible for a thief. It does not have to be unbreakable. Locks that reach a “very good” with us, we could not crack.