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Best bike us get more knowledge and Purchase advice for children’s bicycles-

Your own bike – for children’s bicycles one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts. It is often the first important step in life towards independence and mobility. However, finding the right best bike us is not always easy. For one, many dealers have only a few models in stock. But it also raises the question of what kind of bike it should actually be. As easy as possible? Fully equipped with the gear shift and lighting system? Or should it just be as cheap as possible? To make your selection easier, we have compiled the most important tips for buying children’s bicycles.


Children’s wheel/learner wheel

The best bike us with training wheels is no longer recommended today. Much better are wheels, which are now available in all weight and price ranges. Wheels are an ideal preparation for cycling. Children not only train with them the balance but also their perception and the feeling for speed. Therefore, reliability and easy handling of wheels are paramount. Experience has shown that children from the age of two and a half years are able to master learner wheels safely. The pedagogical benefit arises from different aspects. On the one hand, children with an impeller learn to move safely and responsibly and to take others into consideration. Keeping the balance is the key here. On the other hand, the child learns with an impeller the coordination of movements of the hands and feet as well as a high degree of spatial and temporal orientation. Wheels thus contribute significantly to the mental and physical development of children.


Children Bicycle

Children are growing fast the children’s bicycles. Therefore, the appropriate size of the bicycle is very important to ensure safe handling and comfort. Parents should make sure that the saddle can be adjusted far enough down so that the children can comfortably reach the ground with their feet and sit upright.

Proper size of children’s bike

To make sure that the children’s bike is the right size, a test drive in the shop is recommended. The following table gives an orientation regarding the height of your child and the recommended wheel size of the children’s bicycle in inches :

  • 90 – 105 cm> 12 “-14”
  • 100 – 115 cm> 16 “
  • 110 – 125 cm> 18 “
  • 120 – 130 cm> 20 “
  • 130 – 145 cm> 24 “


Optics is also an important purchasing criterion for children’s bicycles and often decide on acceptance or rejection. Especially the tires have to withstand a lot of children’s bikes. Therefore, they are often based on mountain bikes or BMX wheels, which are both very robust and easy to handle but can also be used off the paved roads.

Recommended equipment

Safe driving characteristics of the children’s bicycle are Child-friendly driving pleasure a prerequisite for safe driving. Therefore, you should pay attention to sufficient reflectors when buying. Children over the age of eight and ten years or older must drive children’s bicycles on the street. At the latest then the bike should also have a reliable lighting system. Cogs and chains should also always be well protected behind a plastic cover. On a gearshift can be dispensed with the first bike normally. The kids have their hands full with steering and braking and need to learn how to coordinate multiple movements simultaneously and focus on the traffic. Therefore, a three-speed hub usually only makes sense from 20 inches.

Often younger siblings can then use the wheel again. But it is also worth to pay attention to the resale value. Above all, branded bicycles can be sold very well, for example, via our sales platform.


Junior bike

Cool design and modern technology are becoming increasingly important for young people in their search for the right bike. After all, modern youth bicycles are supposed to guarantee fun and action for boys and girls. The most popular youth bikes include the so-called ATBs (All Terrain Bikes), which are suitable for any terrain. They combine cool mountain bike optics with complete street equipment. Whether in the morning to school, in the afternoons with friends through the park or in the evening to the sport – their stable frame and good damping properties always ensure safety and driving comfort and best bike buying guide for everybody.

Proper size of the youth bike

Youth wheels are suitable for a height of about 150 cm. In the following table you will find an orientation regarding the body size and the matching frame size in inches:

  • 150 – 165 cm> 14 “- 15”
  • 165 – 170 cm> 15 “- 16”
  • 170 – 175 cm> 16 “- 17”
  • 175 – 180 cm> 17 “- 18”


Before buying a look on the Internet is recommended children’s bicycles. On the Best bike us, users will find a wide range of products, ranging from children’s and youth’s bikes to wheels, scooters, unicycles and many other adult bicycle categories. Thanks to the large selection, everyone will quickly find their wish Best bike and also the right bicycle dealer nearby. In addition to new and used bicycles of all brands and price ranges, Bike also offers a wide selection of parts and accessories as well as clothing and cycling on its website. In addition, users can find helpful tips in the Best Bike Blog, such as how children can learn to ride a bike children’s bicycles properly, or all about child safety on the road.

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