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Buying a bicycle helmet for your Cycling

Still far too few cyclists put on helmets, especially the older bikers. Who wants to give security for Christmas helmets and best bike us, is therefore well advised with the wrinkle-free headgear. We say what you should consider when buying.

Helmets- safe your body

If you want to be on the bike safely, you cannot do without a helmet. When buying but there is a lot to consider so that the headgear later correctly fits and properly protects. The experts from TÜV recommend a previous try on in a specialist shop and advice against blind purchases on the Internet. Also used helmets as well as remaining stock or cheap offers should be better avoided. So if you want to give away a helmet for Christmas, it should better leave a voucher for the time being – or take the gift recipient for Christmas shopping.

Above all, the correct fit is important. So the shell must not wobble or push. It also has to rest on the head so that it does not slip in the event of a fall. When fitting the helmet should be pulled so far in the forehead that the view remains free. The chin clasp remains open. If the helmet falls off after a strong shake of the head, it is too big; if he stays, at least the fit is correct. With the aid of knobs or adjusting straps, most helmets can be individually adjusted afterward. There is no space for caps under the helmet. But should still fit under the chin strap a finger. Before the first use, the operating instructions must also be read carefully and the helmet from best bike us must then be set correctly.

Schwinn Thrasher best Helmet


Children should definitely decide on the purchase of “their” helmet because only if they like the helmet, he is ultimately worn. If it is mainly used in the summer, experts recommend a copy with ventilation slots. Thus, even in the strong sun no heat accumulation and the temperature remains bearable. Pay attention to insect nets in front of the slits. This way painful stitches on the head can be avoided. Just as important is the weight: Modern helmets hardly weigh more than 300 grams and press less on the head and neck. So even long tours can be completed safely and comfortably.