How to choose a smart bicycle helmet?

How to choose a smart bicycle helmet

In some countries, the use of a smart bicycle helmet while cycling is mandatory, however, and in other states, caring for your own safety is becoming an increasingly popular trend. And many take the choice of the helmet more seriously, carefully studying all the characteristics of equipment.

Choose a type of bicycle helmet

Today, it is possible to divide all manufactured models into three large groups by type of design: Kettles that can be used in various sports; Oblong helmets for road and mountain bikes; Full Faces for extreme driving. The most common and relevant for most cyclists is the second type, as it has a relatively lightweight, is well ventilated and has good ergonomics. Is it

Worth overpaying for brands

When choosing a helmet manufacturer, it is possible to focus on many factors, one of the most important is certification: compliance with the European standard is indicated by the marking EN 1078, and the US standard – CPSC. As for the cost, the cheap Chinese models from the supermarket will differ from the products of world famous brands, such as Bell, MET, Daises, Gyro, in several ways: Level of protection: inelastic foam with a layer of plastic is designed to dissipate the impact energy and protect the cyclist from injury, and this task is quite well done by both expensive and budget models.

It should be borne in mind that tight helmets will provide the best protection, but such options have a drawback – poor ventilation.

Ergonomics: one of the main indicators by which more expensive models significantly outperform cheap ones. Convenience is felt in the details, the ergonomic smart bicycle helmet does not cause discomfort even during many days pokatushek. The adjustment thought over to trifles, excellent ventilation, tightness to the head – these are not all ergonomic indicators which need to be considered when choosing a helmet.

Design: “the taste and color”, that is, you can find a model that looks perfect among cheap helmets, but the high-quality design means not only color and surface design. Often, design begins to play an important role only among professional cyclists.

Integration of gadgets: of course, the simplest improvements in the form of a rear-view mirror can be implemented on cheap models, but truly amazing gadgets are found only in exclusive helmets. Volvo helmets warn cyclists about the possible appearance of a car on their way with the help of built-in LEDs, the Mind Rider helmet will read thoughts and transmit information about the intention to turn or stop with the help of light indication; some models can read physical indicators of the body and transfer them to mobile devices.

Also, an important indicator is the weight: the lighter, the better while maintaining the convenience and degree of protection. There are fairly lightweight models and among the budget lines, but a larger range of options “in a lightweight” can be found, however, from well-known manufacturers.

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