Best Bike us- Folding Bike

Best Bike us- Folding Bike

Folding Bikes: One day you’ll still have one!

You may have been a bit wary of the title, but if you use or intend to use the Folding Bike as a means of transportation and live in a large urban center, there is no escape from this reality. At least because of the shortage of places to stop the bike with safety and tranquility, because with a foldable this need for vacancies is virtually eliminated since you can take it with you to your final destination. And at the most for the practicality of combining with other modes of transports that these bikes provide.


Thus, we try to use it in 3 modalities:

– as a means of transport, pedaling it to the final destination;

– as leisure, taking her in the trunk of the car, on the road;

– as a means of transportation, commuting it with the subway.


As a unique means of transportation, our selected route was approximately 14 km round trip, with a very varied altimetry, with some reasonable climbs, the weak point of almost all the folding ones, due to the size of the tire, the geometry of the bike, and the number of gears. In fact, the first tip or those who will start in the world of folding is whenever possible, to select a route with fewer climbs, even if this means an increase in the size of the route.

The course, like every urban pedal, should be done with attention and agility and for this, the folding was excellent since we are in a high position in the best bike us, which not only privileges the view of traffic but also we are more visible reduce the chance of accidents.

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop best Folding Bike


When arriving at the place of destination, comes the ease of not having to “fight” to park the bike, since, unfortunately, bikes are still a rare thing…

Just fold it and take it with you, leaving it in some convenient place during your file. Finishing, just mount it and head to your destination. Pretty practical, huh?

Of course, because of the size of the tire and the geometry of the frame, this category of bicycles is not shaved at great distances, nor at high rises, as we have said. Anyone who has never ridden in will certainly be surprised by the apparent instability, where almost all the irregularity of the terrain is transmitted to the cyclist. But this is a detail that over time we get accustomed because the practicality of it will always “speak louder”.

As leisure, we use it on a trip to the coast to better know the cycle system of the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. Thus, it was wrapped in a “bag”, in the middle of other luggage, as if it were one more volume to be transported, avoiding the use of trans-cycles, and thus showing once more its practicality.


When you arrive at the destination, once again just proceed to (quick) assembly, and then it’s just joy!

Another recommended use is the recreational one, pedaling, for example, in the Cyclo-Bands of Leisure that begins to spread by Global.

Finally, in our view, the great advantage of folding appears when we use it switched with another means of transport. In our case, we used the metro of the city of São Paulo. As most already know, the SP metro is “cicloamigável” and has some rules for the use of the bicycle. However, in our case, our commitment was outside the allowed hours for the transportation of the bicycles in the wagons, which made us use it as if it were any volume to be transported with us, such as a suitcase, or a large backpack.

Here the tip is to dismantle and pack the bike away from the surveillance, which in some cases may “imply” saying that at that time it is not allowed to transport bicycles. When you arrive at the ticket booth to get the ticket, with the bicycle already dismantled and stored in your bag, no one else can complain, since it becomes a luggage like any other. Maybe a little big and inadequate for peak times. In fact, we have never had this experience, but we are sure that it should not be the best since at these times even people have difficulty being transported…

Finally, we hope with this post to contribute and encourage more and more the bicycle as a means of transport, which, in the case of folding, has proved to be a very favorable solution!

We will soon test a folding 16-ring bike and even a 24-ring. We will also bring you some testimonials of use. We heard, for example, a case where a folding was used in an Addax type test, where the resistance of the equipment and the rider is pushed to the limit, due to the mileage of it! In case they were 300 kms!!!

Leave your comments, user experiences and considerations here, as they are always welcome!