What is the exact difference between an electric bike and a pedaled?

Best bike us- What is the exact difference between an electric bike and a pedaled

What is the best cycling is the difference between an electric bike and a pedaled? The electric motor of the bike must have a maximum power of 250 Watts the guy rolls about as fast as the best bike us (70 km/h) on a bike path just past pedestrians. Yep, an electric bike, it can go fast and very quickly.

Fortunately, thanks to European regulations, this type of gear is not present on roads and bike paths by us.

In addition to the increase in safety that regulations entail, it is also important to note that for a certain segment of people, they have become the perfect means of transportation to get to work. Indeed, as VAE can use the same bike paths as the rest of the bicycles and take the same public roads, they are very easy to use.

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You can easily buy a bike tomorrow and start using it directly. No need for a license, insurance or certification, and no legal requirement to wear a helmet.

In the case of people who live within 5 km of their work and are reluctant to take the bike to get there because of the effort required to climb the slopes, the VAE is the perfect solution to their problem.

In short, thanks to European legislation, e-bikes are safer, easier to use, and a great way to encourage people to consider cycling as a means of transportation.

The worst

Unfortunately, the situation of e-bikes is still not perfect in the European Union, and even if the current regulation provides better safety and easier use of e-bikes, many find that it is not enough.

Let’s start with all the people who would like to take advantage of an electric bike to get to work or for leisure, but who find the pedelecs too limited in power and speed. Indeed, although EVs are practical for short distances of less than 5 km, they are very limited for slightly longer journeys.

If you live only 10 km from your workplace, for example, it would take you 24 minutes to get there by constantly rolling at 25 km/h. And to say that when taking into account the turns, slopes, and traffic, it is closer to 20 km / h average than 25, or 30 minutes for a journey of only 10 km.

To better illustrate the duration of journeys according to their length and the speed at which the bike rolls, nothing is clearer than a comparative table. By observing the data in this table, we see that when the distance is small, the difference between a fast bike and a bike is not fast, so it is not very important to have a bike that can go at 30 or even 40 km/h.

On the other hand, the more the distance increases, the more the difference widens. For people living 15 km from their place of work, for example, a VAE would only allow them to get to work after 45 minutes, which is far too slow.

In the face of European regulations that are not suited for extra-urban journeys, some cyclists choose to increase the speed limit of their electric bicycle. This can be achieved by unbridling the engine of his bike, which I explain in this article or by making his own electric bike the best bike us, which I explain in this other article. Is e-bike for you?

Thanks to these two techniques, it is possible to have an electric bike capable of reaching 40 or even 50 km / h, which makes long journeys much faster than on a VAE complying with European regulations.


In conclusion, the main difference between an electric bike and a pedaled is the best electric bicycle is that a pedelec is a subcategory of e-bikes that comply with the regulations of the European Union and which benefit from a better safety and security. Greater ease of use.

EAVs are an excellent means of transportation for short trips, but their speed and power are generally too limited for extra-urban trips.

I really hope this article will have taught you more about this topic. If you have a question or comment, feel free to write a comment and I will be happy to answer.

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