Specialized turbo electric bike review

Specialized turbo electric bike review

Frankly, I, as a lover of specialized turbo electric bike masochism, always looked at electric bikes with a large share of condescension and irony, considering them to be genuinely pensioner devices. An electric motor with a battery is hung on an ordinary grandmother’s Citi bike, and the electric bike is ready.

It turned out a monster, for the transport of which you need two loaders (a joke, but close to the truth – the weight of such devices is approaching 40kg). It is not surprising that such devices do not cause the slightest interest on the part of keen cyclists.

Advanced bike

And so, literally this week, one of the most technically advanced bike brands rolled out its version of the electric bike – Specialized Turbo. I admit, I very unevenly breathe for this brand, but I am sure that any cyclist will agree with me, that Hurry showed us something special. Turbo is an absolutely normal hybrid, which outwardly only a wider lower tube of the frame, looking at it, will not even immediately realize that this is no ordinary bike.

However, this is a real electric bike. There is a small 250W electric motor in the rear wheel hub and a 342WH Li-ion battery in the bottom frame tube. On the steering wheel, at the right grips (handles), there are control buttons “plus or minus”, and a wireless bicycle computer is installed at the exit, where you can see the battery status, power, speed, distance, etc. Maura disc brakes on 180mm rotors, with the possibility of energy recovery, that is, at the moment of braking, a tricky mechanism stores energy.

Specialized turbo bike

Specialized turbo electric bike, in contrast to the pensioner electric bikes, is able to move at a speed of 45km / h, which makes it quite competitive in urban traffic. This speed, by the way, creates some problems with Turbo certification. According to American law, the maximum speed of an electric bike should not exceed 20 miles per hour (~ 32km / h) with an engine not more powerful than 750W. In Europe, the norms are even tougher: no more than 25 km / h with a 250W motor.

Best electric vehicles

However, in some EU countries, for example in Germany, there is a category for electric vehicles with a maximum speed of up to 48 km / h (A1 category rights are required, insurance, plus a ban on cycling). Therefore, the American company decided to promote the new bike in Europe, and in May, the first limited edition Specialized Turbo will arrive at the stores of authorized dealers.

You can charge the battery without removing it from the bike, just plug in the power adapter, and in two hours the bike is ready for battle again. Immediately the question arises, how many kilometers is enough for a fully charged battery. Here it is necessary to mention some features. Electric bikes. According to EU directives, this vehicle should not be able to move on electric power, without pedaling. This means that the motor only helps the cyclist, but does not do all the work for him. In this mode, it is difficult to talk about the exact battery life, because it will strongly depend on the desire of the rider to accelerate.

Turbo speed

Marketing Specializer’s manager claims that Turbo is capable of racing at a maximum speed of at least an hour over even terrain. This means that with a regular city ride of 20-25 km / h, when the electric motor will be used to overcome the slides and fight the headwind, the battery will last for several hours, which is quite enough for commuting, shopping, and just riding. In addition, the complete depletion of the battery will not lead to any difficulties – the bike weighs 21.5 kg. This, of course, is a little more than the weight of a sports bike, but it doesn’t hurt to drive only muscular at an acceptable speed.

If you use this expensive bike for transportation, then another problem arises: how to leave it at the office or store?

Future of bike

Why do I admire Specialized Turbo? Probably because I first saw the future of the bike. Marc Fade, project manager for the European segment of the company in charge of urban bikes, said the very correct words. “Those electric bikes that we see, especially in the European market, are definitely not what we want to drive. We want to ride a fast bike, a bike that we usually ride. ” This is a very subtle remark – I do not need a special electric bike, which I can only use to travel to a beer in a nearby shop. I need my usual bicycle, rather light and fast, no different from my fellows, but sometimes allowing it to be used by an electric trailer.

So far, Turbo is the first sign of such bikes. At the moment, the price of this model is exorbitant – 5,500 euros. However, such prices for the specialized brand are not even odd, for example, some models of conventional (non-electric) bikes cost $ 8,000. Specialized is Apple in the world of bicycles, here is the same unique sense of design, attention to trifles and binding users to the brand. Therefore, at the moment, Turbo will become a toy of fairly wealthy special fans, who are imbued with a new concept.

Bicycle model

But as time goes on, the prices of lithium batteries will inevitably decline. Sooner or later, manufacturers targeting a wide mass of consumers will launch a specialized turbo electric bike model of an electric bicycle with a conventional design, weighing up to 20kg and a maximum speed of 35-40km / h, with a price of 1500-2000 euros. And then the trend will go to the masses, I tell you that for sure! It is quite possible that in years to come, we will all be riding such electric bicycles. And only retrograde masochists will remain on “clean” bicycles. This, of course, is a joke, because no electric bike will give the sensation that an eight-kilometer road bike will give and the feeling of overcoming the road with the help of its muscles.

Well, for now, enjoy the concept video of the new Specialized Turbo model. In my opinion, just super! Until that day, I had never even thought about the theoretical possibility of owning an electric bike, but this bike just hit me.

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