Replacing electric bike battery of its 2 ways to make it

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If your electric bike battery starts to weaken or you want to get ready for the fateful day you need to replace it, then you’re in the right place. Also, Needs best electric bike knowledge and get more resource about cycling from best bike us are available for you. In this article, I’ll explain how to replace your own bike battery, where to buy a new battery, and how to better replace or recondition your old battery.

Is it possible to replace the battery itself?

Possible, yes. Easy, no!

Like just about everyone, you’re probably not an electrician specializing in bicycle battery. Me neither.

Unless you are comfortable with DIY and electricity, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to change your bike battery yourself. What’s electric bike? If you know that it- So, let’s go: Electric bicycle and

Indeed, a handling error could damage the engine of your bike, or even destroy it. In addition, you may be shocked if you are not careful enough.

The only case in which battery replacement by oneself is reasonably conceivable is when one keeps exactly the same model. In this situation, it will be enough to interchange the two batteries and get rid of the old one.

As a reminder, it is out of the question to throw an old battery, whether bike or any other electronic device, in the trash. Like batteries, batteries need to be processed and recycled properly.

As for old bike batteries, you have three options for getting rid of them properly, which I explained in detail in another article. And some of these options can even benefit! Like what, it pays to be respectful of the environment.

In the rest of this article, I will explain the two main battery replacement options available best bike us to you: replace by yourself or entrust the replacement to a company.

Replace your battery yourself

In case your bike is not too old and its battery comes from a good manufacturer, it is likely that you can just buy a new one of the same model.

Where to buy his new battery?

In order to get the best price and the best services for the replacement of your battery, here are the main options available to you.

At a seller

Addressing a seller is probably the easiest way to get a good replacement battery.

You can simply contact the seller where you bought your bike, tell him you want to replace your battery, and he’ll be happy to sell you something again.

The seller will order the right model from its supplier and will probably even offer you a discount on the purchase of the new battery by taking your old.

In addition, if the battery replacement requires technical manipulation, the seller will take care of it and you will have almost nothing to do except pay.

Overall, going to a seller to replace your old battery is the easiest option, but not necessarily the cheapest because the seller will probably take a commission on the price of the battery.

On Amazon

A second option available to you, which may allow you to save money, is to go to Amazon to search for your battery model.

If you are lucky, you may find it much cheaper than a regular seller would offer.

In any case, it is interesting to look at the price of bike batteries on Amazon to compare with the one offered by the sellers.

Recondition his old battery

In some cases, replacing your battery is the simplest and least expensive choice.

In others though, repackaging your battery is the best option. This is, for example, the case if the model of your battery is no longer available for sale, or if the cost of a new model is too high.

There are unfortunately not many repackaging companies in France, but the best so far.

Their process is simple: you send them your old battery, they repackage it, plus they send it back to you ready to use.

Located in Monteux, near Avignon, this recent French company even provides a 1-year warranty on all the batteries they repackage. It is, therefore, a very good option for all people whose battery model is no longer available for sale, and who do not want to buy a new bike.

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In conclusion, what must be remembered best electric bike battery from this article is that battery replacement by oneself is only possible if one buys exactly the same model, or if one really knows what one is doing.

If you decide to buy the same model of battery, you can either go to a seller (easier, but more expensive) or search on Amazon (best prices).

Finally, in the event that your battery is no longer available for purchase from a seller or online, you can always repackage it by calling in specialized repackaging companies.

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