How to Unclog Electric Bike: The Complete Guide

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If you find your electric bike too slow and you want to unleash it to release all the power of its motor, then this article is for you. In this guide, I will explain in detail two methods that are commonly used to unclog electric bike. These are methods that really work, and that can be used on many models of bikes found on the market.

Finally, I will also give my personal opinion on the unbridling, and I will explain all the consequences (good and bad) that this practice entails.

Understand clamping

To understand how to unleash an electric bike, you first have to learn one thing: how does this clamping work.

Eh yes! Just as you do not learn how to fix a computer without first knowing how it works, wanting to unleash your bike without first knowing how the bridle mechanism works are inconsistent. And dangerous.

Inconsistent, because it’s useless to try to unleash your bike if you do not even know how the bridle works. Dangerous, because if you do it wrong, you risk ruining the engine of your bike.


Here, then, before anything, some essential information on the operation of the clamping of an electric bike.

The operation of the clamping

In the first place, and this is also what makes the whole difficulty of the unclamping bike, you should know that each engine has a mechanism of its own to limit the speed to 25 km/h.

There is, therefore, no miracle solution that works for all engines, which greatly increases the difficulty of unclamping.

However, there is still a positive side. Although each engine has its own system to limit speed, we find a similar mechanism on the vast majority of models sold on the market. And this mechanism, here it is.

In this image, you can see the two parts that the manufacturer uses to know the speed at which the bike rolls:

  • The speed sensor
  • A magnet placed on one of the spokes of the bike


That’s it that’s all. With these two pieces, your bike is able to know the speed at which you ride. So, how exactly does he do it?

The controller of the electric motor knows the circumference of the wheel because it is a data stored there by the manufacturer. As he knows unclog electric bike information, he is able to calculate the speed at which you ride by recording how often the magnet passes in front of the sensor.

If the wheel rotates faster than 25 km / h, the magnet that hangs on it will pass more quickly in front of the sensor, and the motor will automatically cut itself to respect the legal limit of 25 km/h. When you slow down, the magnet passes more slowly past the sensor, and the motor starts again.

How to unleash your electric bike?

Well, now that you know how the bike’s clamping mechanism works, you’ll better understand both ways of unleashing it.

1 – The DIY method

In this first method, the unclamping of the bike will consist of moving the sensor of the bike to make it capture the rotation of the pedal rather than that of the wheel.

If this method seems to be a big DIY Sunday, it’s because it is. But it works! And unlike the next method, it’s almost completely free.

Almost because you will still need some basic DIY tools. Here is the complete list:

  • An Allen key
  • Scotch tape


View, that’s a long list! Well, once these tools are in hand, you’re ready to unleash your bike.

Warning: Any modifications made to your best cycling the best bike us following the advice of this article are at your own risk. If you cause damage to your bike, you are solely responsible for it. Plus, this method does not work on all electric bike models.


Now that the warning is out of the way, here are the steps to move the sensor.

Step 1: Move the speed sensor

For this first step, you will unscrew the speed sensor that is here (in the photo, it is already unscrewed).

And stick it as in the picture below. Be careful that the meaning in which you stick it is important. The sensor must face the crankset to be able to trick the controller into thinking that the pedal is the wheel. To paste it, you can simply use the adhesive tape as in the picture. It’s ugly, but it works and it fits well.


Step 2: move the magnet

For this second step, you will remove the magnet from the shelf to which it is attached, then you will hang it on one of the pedals using tape.

And here is already over. The end result should look something like this.

If you are comfortable with English, here are the same explanations in the resource. This same video inspired me to write this article. The solution that the guy has found is so simple and effective that I had to share it on this site. Now, instead of measuring the speed at which the wheel turns, your bike will measure the speed at which the pedals rotate. And as the pedals are still spinning much slower than the wheel because of the gear mechanism, your bike will think your speed is slower than it really is!

Thanks to this simple DIY, the engine of your bike will no longer hang at 25 km/h and will release all its power. For some powerful engines like those of Bosch, the engine thus unbridled can reach up to 40 km/h. Of course, as the bike controller does not record the correct speed, the distance and speed information on your display panel will be distorted.


2 – The method with the kit

In this second method, we stay a little in the DIY but especially, we must open his wallet.

As you now know, the bike speed is calculated by the controller to present in the engine. This controller is actually a small computer programmed to have to execute certain commands, including that of unbridling.

Some companies have taken this opportunity to create small kits that can reprogram the controller to remove the unclamping or unclog electric bike. These kits are available for purchase on the internet for a price ranging between 100 and 200 € depending on the model. It’s expensive, but for some engine models, it’s the only possible unclamping solution. It’s up to you to see if unbridling your bike is worth it.

For this method, it is unfortunately impossible to give you a tutorial step by step because it varies from one kit to another. This is why it is very important to buy one of these kits from a competent seller so that he can help you out in case you can not install it.

In France, the company Citibike offers many kits for sale for all the most popular engine models. You can also find some on Amazon, but there you will not have specialized advice. One of the most popular kits on the market is the one created by the best bike us. It is compatible with Bosch, Brose, Conti, Kalkhoff, Shimano and Yamaha systems – many of the engines found on European bikes. In addition, the company is easily reachable by mail to respond to potential problems you would encounter.

I did not find a video in French explaining the installation process, and I did not have the opportunity to do it myself, but here is a video in German that explains how to install the Badass kit.

Once the kit is installed according to the instructions, a final manipulation is sometimes necessary on certain engines, like a change of position of the magnet. Here is the video in French of Badass explaining this process. Once the kit is installed and the magnet moved, the bike will no longer be limited in speed and can take advantage of all the power of its engine.


Bonus Method: Making your own electric bike

Do you make your own electric bike, does it seem complicated? Well, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to do it.

If you really want to go faster with an electric bike, building your bike yourself is one of the best solutions. I have written a complete article detailing the different ways of doing it.


The consequences of unbridling

Unraveling your bike can be very tempting, and thanks to this article, you now know two ways to do it.

Whether it’s to save valuable time each day on your home-work trip or simply because you like speed, unbridling can bring significant benefits. However, what is the real risks associated with this practice? In this section, I will explain in detail the important points to consider before unleashing your electric bike.


The engine and the battery

You may be wondering if changing the speed of your bike from 25 km/h to 40 will not damage your engine. And that’s a totally coherent question. VAE motors, even when limited to 250 watts, are able to reach speeds of 40 or even 50 km/h when they deliver their full power.

However, the “full power” of an electric bike is not to be compared to the full power of an engine like that of a car. If you constantly run at full power with your car, you will 1 – probably kill yourself, and 2 – ruin your engine in a very short time.

On an electric bike though, it’s totally different. The motor of the VAE is made to deliver more power than that needed to drive at 25 km/h because the bike is supposed to be able to ride at this speed even on a steep slope. However, on the flat, the bike is actually able to run smoothly at 40 km / h, it is simply limited by the clamping system.

If you unclamp your bike properly, you can be pretty sure it will not cause any problems to the engine. Of course, driving faster will cause you to consume more electricity. Your autonomy will be lower, and you will need to recharge your battery more often.

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Since the European law requires the pedelecs to be limited to 25 km/h, if you unbridle your bike, it will no longer comply with this legislation. You will therefore no longer be able to drive on the road or the bike paths legally.

Indeed, to fully understand what makes an electric bike a “VAE” in the eyes of the law, we must first know the European legislation in this area.

Currently, these legislations define a VAE as having to respect these three points:

  • Electric assistance is only for pedaling
  • Assistance automatically switches off above 25 km/h
  • Engine power does not exceed 250 watts of continuous rated power


If a bike respects these three points, it is then considered as a simple bicycle slightly assisted in an electric way. It, therefore, benefits from the same legal simplifications as a bicycle the best bike us, for which there is not necessarily a license, insurance or helmet.

In the event that an electric bicycle does not comply with one of these rules, it will be considered a moped and will, therefore, be subject to all the legal obligations associated with it. Among these are the obligation to be homologated as a moped, to wear an approved motorcycle helmet, the prohibition to use the cycle lanes, etc.

European legislation on e-bikes is why almost all e-bikes available for purchase in Europe are limited to 25 km / h while their engines are capable of going much faster. Even so, unclog electric bike your bicycle is not necessarily illegal. If you limit yourself to private places, small country lanes, and forests, you risk almost nothing.

However, be aware that if you are caught driving on the road with an unrestrained electric bike, you risk a fine, a confiscation of your bike, and an insurance clearance in case of an accident. It’s up to you to judge if the game is worth the effort. Personally, I can not reasonably recommend you unbuckle your bike, but if you still decide to do so and use public roads, be very careful. And wear a helmet!

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When you buy a product in Europe as an individual, a two-year legal warranty applies to this product.

However, when you make changes to the product, this warranty is void. This is normal because the product so modified is no longer the same as the one that the seller has given you, even when it is only a small modification such as the addition of a kit or debridement moving a room.

If you want to keep the legal warranty on your unbridled bike, you will have to make sure that the modifications you made there can be completely canceled.

In the case of the first method seen in this article, it would, in theory, be enough to return the speed sensor and the magnet to their respective places and the bike would return to its original state. In the case of the second method, however, the installation of a debriding kit is sometimes definitive because it permanently modifies the operation of the controller. Fortunately, this is not the case for all kits. That of Badass, for example, is easily removable.

Since an electric bike is a big purchase, make sure that the changes you make by unbridling can be completely canceled in order to keep your legal warranty of two years.



As the last major consequence of unbridling, it is obvious that we must talk about security. Not only yours but also those of others.

I will be the first to say it: between an unbridled electric bike weighing 20 kg and amounting to maximum 40 km/h, and a car weighing 1500 kg and amounting to maximum 180 km/h, the legislation would do much better to worry about regulating cars rather than our unfortunate bikes. Especially when it comes to gasoline or diesel cars that poison our cities while our electric bikes do not burn a gram of fuel and participate in energy transformation.

However, 40 km/h in a heavy traffic area, it’s already quite fast. Falling at this speed could easily cause you a lot of bodily harm, or even take you to the hospital. If you decide to unleash your electric bike, it is essential that you wear a good quality helmet to protect you in case of a fall. A full helmet is also better than a simple bike helmet.

In addition, if you decide to use public roads and best bike us paths of your cycling, remember that the presence of your bike is illegal. In case of an accident, and even if you are not at fault, you may be in trouble because you were on a motorized moped unlicensed, without license or insurance. It is therefore in your interest to avoid as much as possible the main roads and bike paths because if you encounter any problem, you will run big risks.

Overall, in order to enjoy your bike safely, consider wearing a helmet and try to avoid the main roads as much as possible.

I really hope this article has helped you. If you have a question or comment, feel free to write it in the comments. I will be happy to answer it.

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