5 reasons to buy an electric bike

5 reasons to buy an electric bike

There are a number of reasons why best buyers are not very interested in buy an electric bike. First, only the emerging industry of electric bikes has not yet led to a revolutionary new product that everyone would want to have. Secondly, many people think that an electric bicycle is a non-motorcycle or too heavy bicycle.

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However, the main reason for the low demand for e-bikes is that we are all so immersed in the auto culture that it is often difficult to understand how an e-bike can do everything that a private car does for us. Indeed, the electric bike will never travel 150 miles in the snow season, nor will it allow a long trip to the village of the grandfather. In this case, $ 2,000 that you spend on an electric bike, you can spend on other trips or entertainment.

We still found five reasons why in the future you might want an electric bike that has all the advantages of a bicycle and is devoid of some of its drawbacks:

1. Electric bikes are getting easier

Many electric bicycles, especially the first-generation clunkers, are too heavy, and you have to work hard to roll this behemoth uphill in the absence of electric traction due to a dead battery or carrying it up the stairs. But electric bikes are becoming lighter, like Ride, weighing just less than 16 kg.

2. Electric bikes are getting cheaper

Relatively cheap electric bikes from manufacturers such as Currie are available today. Of course, there are very expensive tuned models on the market. In the middle class, not very expensive electric jigs begin to prevail, combining solid functionality with good performance, such as, for example, the Produce Mariner series.

3. Electric bikes look better

Early electric bicycles (and they appeared in the 1970s) had very bulky batteries. A number of designers have worked to make the batteries more powerful and at the same time less noticeable. An example is Faraday Porter – one of the most anticipated buy an electric bike, whose creators initially aimed to win the Oregon Manifest competition. The first copies of Porter were sold out within a few months from the launch of the project.  

4. Electric bikes get good feedback from environmentalists

Charging an electric bike costs a few cents, while you buy an environmentally friendly source of energy. When an electric bike replaces a car, it prevents 1550 grams of hydrocarbons, 1460 grams of carbon monoxide and 770 grams of nitrogen oxides from entering the atmosphere for every 500 miles.

5. Electric bikes are becoming more family

In the continuation of the bicycle revolution, more and more families, thanks to the electric motor, receive a great incentive to buy a cargo family bike. Splendid Cycles in Portland — one of the specialized bikes stores — was forced to move to another quarter because of its market segment — family electric bikes.

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