Women’s cycling shorts: 6 tips for a comfortable ride

Women's cycling shorts 6 tips for a comfortable ride

Often women just starting to wear women’s cycling shorts are wondering which models to choose: with or without a diaper? The following tips will help you feel comfortable in the bicycle shorts during and after the trip and keep the status of the “teapot” secret from others.

Best cycling shorts for women

First, you need to understand why we need shorts with a lining (diapers). Clothing for cycling consists of a variety of sections, made of elastic synthetic material that allows you to freely pedal. Flat seams prevent friction and the appearance of marks on the skin, fixing tapes tightly fit the hips and prevent clothes from sliding, and technical fabric absorbs moisture. Bicycle shorts also support muscles due to compression properties and best cycling shorts for long distance riding. A characteristic feature of this equipment is the presence of suede pads in the groin area, which prevents friction and reproduction of bacteria, and also serves as a “pillow” to the cyclist. For those who plan to spend a lot of time in the saddle, cycling shorts with a diaper – a worthy contribution to their own comfort. And now a few tips:

1. Not wear underwear

The presence of clothes undershorts with a diaper can cause discomfort when driving. When the seams or folds of the fabric rub against the skin, the laundry can injure it, causing abrasions and soreness. In addition, everyone recognizes a novice in you, seeing bands from underwear, translucent from under the shorts.

2. Protective cream

Many cyclists use special creams for diapers that help minimize friction and coarsening of the skin. Before traveling, it is recommended to cream the crotch area and areas slightly lower with cream, and also to apply a small amount of it on the lining in shorts. Bicycle shops offer products from different manufacturers. You may have to experiment before you find the most appropriate tool.

3. Move in the saddle

Changing the position from time to time will help improve blood circulation. Do not forget when driving to move back and forth, or slightly rise, to relieve tension from a long stay in the saddle.

4. Change clothes right away

As soon as you cross the finish line, remove your bike shorts as quickly as possible. Heat and moisture under clothing will trigger an increase in the number of bacteria, which can lead to the development of infectious diseases. If it is not possible to change clothes immediately, treat the body with a damp cloth.

5. Let your skin rest

In order to ensure further circulation of air and blood in the groin area, some cyclists wear wide shorts (or skirts) for a while after the trip. However, they do not use underwear.

6. Wash shorts

It is necessary to wash bicycle shorts after each trip. If you do not have the opportunity to frequently clean sportswear, we recommend purchasing another set.   Compliance with these recommendations will allow you to maintain a feeling of comfort throughout the trip. Follow the tips – and you will look great both on the bike and without it.

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