Why ankle pain after cycling: 3 reasons

Why ankle pain after cycling - 3 reasons

When you ride a bike, your whole body works. As a result, pain may occur in any part of it. One of the most common cases is ankle pain after cycling. Below we consider the three most common causes of pain in this part of the leg.  

Flat feet

People with flat-footed ankle pain can occur very easily, so you need to take action in advance. It is best to ride in special orthopedic shoes or use orthopedic pads.

Poor pedal or crank

A loose pedal or a crank causes the foot to wobble from side to side, and the tendons have an additional load to the Tandem bike. Here it is enough to tighten the loose fasteners.

Inkling pedaling

The method of pedaling, which is called “inkling” (pedaling with the ankle), usually results in pain in this part of the foot. Most of this method was used in the old days. The method consists in the fact that in the upper position of the pedal the toe of the foot rises upwards, and in the lower position, it goes down. This allows maximum efficiency of the lower leg muscles in the upper and lower cranks positions.


However, excessive use of this technique most often causes serious damage to the Achilles tendon. This type of injury can then be treated for years. It so happens that before getting out of bed in the morning, you have to do a light massage of the tendon. So “inkling”, which was appropriate and effective in its own way in the era of large front wheels, today it is better to completely eliminate from the practice of cycling.

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