What is gift ideas for the cyclist?

What is gift ideas for the cyclist

If you communicate among gift ideas for the cyclist and among them, there are your friends, acquaintances or relatives, and then sooner or later the question arises of what to give them, for example, for a birthday or some holiday. What to give to the cyclist?

You can of course just ask the birthday boy what gift he would like to receive. But, as you know, an unexpected surprise is much more pleasant than a planned purchase. You can still get a neutral gift that does not apply to his passion. But, giving a gift is non-standard, and which pleases the soul, you demonstrate your respect and attention to a person.

Cycling styles

First of all, we must remember that cyclists prefer different styles of skiing, one prefers to ride only on the highway, the other on dirt roads and off-road, the third uses a bicycle for jumping and stunts. Therefore, do not try to find independently functional parts for their bikes or equipment. Almost always you do not guess the secret desires of the birthday, and the surprise will not work.

A gift to a novice cyclist should not be highly specialized, universal and cycling and useful-

Cheap gifts for cyclists

Arts and crafts that are made of old used bicycle components. For example, bracelets and jewelry from bicycle chains, bottle openers, original coasters for cups, buckles on a belt, watches from stars, and many other things.

A real brand buff, of course, such a gift will not suit a highwayman.

Wristwatches of a good brand, which are produced under the brand name of a famous bicycle company or event – Tour de France, Shimano, etc. Give a watch if the birthday man does not have one.

A hook to hang a bicycle on the wall. A very relevant gift that will be positively perceived not only to those who are given, but also relatives of the birthday man.

Bicycle cover for transport

The rules for transporting a bicycle in transport, including on airplanes and trains, state that transportation without bicycle covers is prohibited. A cover will be needed sooner or later.

Books on the subject of a bicycle or an annual subscription to any bicycle edition. It is only necessary to take into account the style gift ideas for the cyclist of riding your birthday.

Chain washing machine

This gift is relevant for all bike lovers. Take care of your friend’s safety – give him reflectors on a bicycle, or reflective tapes on legs and arms, or lights on wheels.

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