What is cross country cycling? Do you know it?

What is cross country cycling Do you know it

The best cross country cycling is a sports discipline. It uses mountain bikes because the race takes place over rough terrain. Trails include descents, protracted climbs, speedy and technical sections. Obstacles can be both natural and artificial. Every year, the tracks at world cross-country competitions become more difficult and more dangerous.

Cross country route map

Competitions are held on closed circular routes. Conventionally, they can be divided into 3 types:

  • short track, the length of the route is 2-5 km, riders overcome 6-10 laps
  • classic tracks, length 5-9 km, 3-7 laps
  • marathons cross-country can last 2-8 hours, the circles are longer than the previous types

Thus, even if you are a beginner athlete, with sufficient physical training you will not have problems in overcoming the distance. Another thing is that the cross-country style involves the struggle for the top places, in order to achieve them; you need to constantly train, increasing endurance, speed, and strength.

Options for cross country competitions:

  • CXO – classic race (1-2 hours)
  • XCM – Marathon (2-8 hours)
  • XCE – the eliminator. Shootout race (1-2 minutes)

Cross Country Trails

Cross country tracks are something like the following:

  • Forest roads, fields, dirt roads, areas with gravel, many ups and downs, paved and asphalt roads no more than 15% of the entire road
  • the route must be completely passable in all weather conditions, possible parallel sections on easily destroyed areas
  • narrow sections of the route alternate with wide
  • transitions are provided for viewers
  • good road markings, indicating the direction of movement and dangerous areas
  • protective equipment in the most dangerous areas (hay bales, catching nets)
  • special food and technical assistance areas
  • marshals with whistles all over the track
  • at least one ambulance
  • correct marking of the start/finish area

Of course, this is not a complete list of requirements for the track and the rules of cross-country, but it gives an understandable idea of this discipline.

Cross-country race is increasing in popularity every year. Both local amateur and international competitions are held. Cross-country has also been an Olympic sport since 1996.

Organizations that represent cross-country:

  • In Russia – Russian Cycling Federation
  • In the USA – NORBA (NORBA)
  • In Europe – European Cycling Union (European Cycling Union, UEC)
  • In the World – International Cycling Union (Union Cyclist International, UCI)

Bike cross country – what is it?

For the cross country cycling competitions, mountain bikes with a light but strong frame made of various materials with one or two suspensions are used. The double suspension is used less frequently, as there is a loss in weight and energy consumption to drive the rear wheel. Also, the bike is equipped with contact pedals, disc or rim brakes.

Wheels for cross-country should be equipped with strong, but lightweight rims. Tires such that perfectly hold the road and maintain controllability. The emphasis is on width, weight, and tread.

As for the steering wheel, forks and other components for cross-country, then the answer is simple. The easier and safer – the better.

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